How to share your dreams and how to ask for what you want

Have you ever found yourself standing at the crossroads of heartbreak and hope, feeling like perhaps you’re missing that elusive ‘relationship gene’? That’s exactly how my client, Rachel, felt when, twenty-six days before their wedding, her ex-boyfriend called the whole thing off.

In a state of shock, Rachel dropped her wedding dress off at Goodwill. The honeymoon came and went.

But what’s worse – Rachel felt like she had a fundamental flaw. Like she was missing that Special Relationship Gene other women had.

She felt hopeless.

She’d been raised in an abusive family. At an early age, she’d cut off her mom and dad.

On the surface, she was bubbly and playful. But it was a mask, so she wouldn’t have to be vulnerable.

When Rachel enrolled in my course, I said: Look, you think you’re being present and charming on dates. But you’re hiding, and men can’t really get to know you.

Men can’t see the real you.

As she went through the course, Rachel made a decision to open up, get emotionally naked, and ask for what she wanted.

Then she met Sean, a composer. Charming, wildly talented, and a gentleman.

My god, Sean just loves her.

He loves all of her – he sees her past as part of her depth.

When Sean asked Rachel about the course, she told him about the Final Five.

This is a crucial part of each woman’s journey through the END course. We work with you to pinpoint the Final Five characteristics you absolutely must have in a partner. It becomes your North Star for dating, your foundation.

So Sean asked her, What are your Final Five?

Rachel, being a bit Rachel, only told him four.

Hmm, there’s one missing, he teased.

She took a deep breath and let her walls come down. She said, The fifth one is… I really want to get married. I’ve never been married. My ex abandoned me 26 days before our wedding. And that’s my dream.

(She’d hesitated because she knew Sean didn’t want to get married.)

He didn’t hesitate. He said, I didn’t want to get married because I didn’t know women like you existed.

Rachel did the work on herself to go from being completely hopeless to finding a wonderful man who truly saw her. And chose her.

No tactics. No games.

It’s so much deeper. This is what other coaches don’t teach you.

My course taught Rachel how to open up. How to share her dreams, and how to ask for what she’d always wanted.

And then she got it!

64-Year-Old University Professor Finds True Love in Six Weeks!

No one would EVER imagine that a beautiful, intelligent, charming, successful woman like Jane would have trouble attracting the right man.

But after settling for 33 years in two unsuccessful marriages, Jane intentionally chose to be single for eight years.

When she felt she was ready to meet someone new, she marched right back into the dating world and found herself a man with an impossible fear of intimacy.

They had an on-again, off-again relationship that lasted two years and, sadly, destroyed Jane’s self-confidence.

Because Jane is a teacher and loves to learn, she wound up spending countless and unnecessary hours of her life searching online for the answers to why she kept failing in her love life.

The list of love coaches she followed was long and included some of the top names in the industry including Katherine Woodward, Arielle Ford, and Claire Zammit.

Then, one day, she heard me being interviewed by another coach and took me up on my offer to have a Breakthrough Session to discuss how we could help her break the lifelong relationship patterns that were keeping her stuck so she could open her heart again and find true love.

In her exit interview, Jane said, “Lisa, I’ve done other programs and you learn a piece here and a piece there, but I wanted someone to get me from where I was to delivered.

My standards were high and, then, I met you and it was like check, check, check. You know your stuff and you were clear about it. You also had such confidence and certainty about what could happen if I worked with you, and that was it for me.

Choosing to coach with you was one of the very top best decisions I have ever made in my life.

After failing in her romantic relationships for over 35 years, Jane was determined to find true love and become a woman who has it all—a fulfilling career, deep friendships, a beautiful home, and a loving, devoted partner to walk side-by-side with her through life to the end of days.

Can you relate? If you are a successful, professional woman who is sick and tired of wasting precious time and you are ready to find a true partner, I invite you to book a call with my team now.

In one 60-minute call, we will show you how to break the patterns that have been causing you to choose the wrong partners and finally find true love for the rest of your life, just like Jane.

You can cross ‘meet my soulmate’ off your to-do list forever!


The Real Tragedy of Love

This perfectly describes what I see in many women, myself included. We’re reaching for love with one hand and we’re pushing it away with the other.

We know it’s what we want more than anything in the world. And yet for many of us, we are terrified of actually getting it. There’s the fear of having it and there’s the fear of not having it. The fear of never getting it, and the fear of getting it and losing it. And so we reach for love with one hand and push it away with the other.

So, how do you stop guarding your heart and pushing love away?? How do you make sure that, when an amazing man sits down in front of you on a date, you don’t blow it?

You need to get out of your head and into your heart!

One big way you might be sabotaging yourself from getting what you want is that you get up in your head about it.

The minute you start really wanting something, your fear of getting hurt or disappointment kicks in and sabotages it.

You start second-guessing yourself. You start shaming yourself. You start anxiously asking yourself if you are good/pretty/young enough.

This voice in your head takes over, and it acts like it’s a friend but really it’s an enemy. I call this the Frenemy. This is the voice that holds you back from getting what you want in life. It tries to protect you from getting your heart broken again. Your Frenemy isn’t trying to be mean, its behavior is learned. It knows that, if you don’t take risks, you won’t get hurt. So, it keeps you from taking risks by stirring up blame, shame, criticism, and confusion. This way, you won’t let your guard down and allow someone to get close to you.

But if you keep following your Frenemy down that rabbit hole, another opportunity that you waited so long for will pass you by.

You will find yourself in the presence (albeit at 6 feet apart) of a guy who truly has potential, you won’t be able to make a real connection with him.

A truly self-actualized quality man is going to be looking for the same in a woman. No matter how hard you try to hide it, if you are anxious and insecure, he will see it.

People who have done their work are looking for others who have done their work.

This could be why you’re not getting to second or third dates. The connection either quickly disappears or never really happens. So you might want to look at this. It could be that the quality men out there are looking for a woman who is also in her power.

And that’s not you if you are leaking insecure, anxious energy.

So how can you stop this from happening? How do you get there? How do you become that self-actualized woman that is truly in her power?

You must choose to become Emotionally Naked.

Emotional Nakedness is when you come out from behind your walls and allow someone to know the real you. You don’t tell a man what you think he wants to hear. You speak your truth, lovingly and from your heart without apology or shame. When you do this, that man sitting across from you or reading your text can feel that you are in your heart and it will bring him into his heart. When you do this, he won’t be able to get you off of his mind. He will want to call you again and again for the rest of his life.

Of course, this isn’t easy to do. Anyone who has been hiding behind walls and listening to the voice of her Frenemy for most of her life isn’t going to just stop feeling the need to be guarded. Taking down your walls is a gradual process.

That’s where dating comes in. When I work with clients, I show them how to use every part of the dating process to open up to men. Every interaction they have with a man is another opportunity to become more open and heartfelt.

My women do this in their profiles, text messages, on phone conversations, and on their dates. The key to doing this successfully is to stop listening to your Frenemy and start to listen to another voice inside of you, the Voice of Love.

You can’t just do this with a bunch of feminine techniques or strategies for the perfect text messages or the right things to say. Those things are important to know, but real emotional nakedness is an embodiment thing. It’s a mindset.

And what you need for that is a clear step-by-step plan. Someone who can help you find the missing pieces and finally get this puzzle solved.

I can show you how to take down your walls and stop the endless push-pull cycle that’s been making you miserable and sabotaging your chances at real love. Showing women how to be their true selves with the man of their dreams, the Guardian of Their Souls, is my wish for every woman on the planet.

And I’ve been lucky enough to see this happen with hundreds of my clients, faster than they ever imagined.

Please, click this link and watch my free 45-minute presentation to hear more about how this happens. If it speaks to you, let’s jump on a call and make a plan for your breakthrough.

The results I get still blow me away. I’ve seen women who have never had a successful relationship find true love before the program is even over.

This is a perfect time to do this, so don’t wait. Everything you’ve always wanted is just on the other side of that call.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Nakedly Yours,

Stop THINKING About Love and Start FEELING it

Understandably, many of us have the wrong ideas about what it takes to find love. Love isn’t particularly user-friendly. It’s not even intuitive. It’s a complex riddle in a vortex of opposing forces. Or so we THINK.

I spent decades of my life on a serious quest to find out how true and lasting love works. I literally went to caves and mountaintops and sat at the feet of gurus. But here’s what I really love to share with women like you:

It wasn’t until I made the journey deep into my own heart that I learned that the true path to love is deceptively simple.

Something that you’ll hear a lot of love coaches talk about is “techniques.” What to say, how to act, how to be in your “feminine power.” I’ll be the first to tell you that tricks of the trade are important and that your feminine energy speaks volumes.

But, there is something huge that gets stepped over there and it’s a much harder thing to achieve.


Of all of the women I’ve talked to over my eighteen years as a Love Coach, I can tell you that there is waaaaay too much thinking going on. When I speak to women about their love lives, they are SO up in their heads about it.

They can tell me what they think, but they can’t tell me how they feel. Some think they will deal with it later and just avoid it for now. Some think it won’t happen so they’ll just avoid it forever. Either way, they are thinking to protect them from feeling.

Here’s the irony in that: the more you avoid those feelings the more you are actually avoiding love. Here’s the first order of business in turning that around:


And, yeah. That’s gonna mean some feelings. Some BIG ones. You’re going to have to sit with the fact that you are alone and sad about it. You’re going to have to feel the fear that your best years are slipping away and you’re losing precious time. You’re going to have to feel the fear of spending the rest of your life alone.

When I did that in my own life, it scared the daylights out of me. I had come from a terrible 13-year marriage, was about to turn 40, and still hadn’t found the love of my life. Time was slipping by in a big way.

Feeling the pain of that allowed me to be honest with myself. My history of relationships sucked. If my past behavior was any indicator of future behavior, it was not good. I had to get honest with myself about what was at risk.

And what was at risk was really, really big.

Once you get real about feeling what you have to lose, there is no other choice but to get to work. That is the gift that getting into your heart gives to you. That is why it is so important to get out of your head and into your heart because your heart knows what to do. Your heart KNOWS how to find love, and it will TELL YOU…


Feeling your feelings and being honest with yourself is the key to opening your heart. And opening your heart is the key to drawing love into your life.

When you get into your heart, you create a magical space for emotional nakedness to happen. And let me tell you, when you have that real, full-blown, connected, lasting emotional nakedness…

…it is the most meaningful and precious thing a soul can experience.

I say that this principle is deceptively simple, but that doesn’t mean that the journey is easy. That’s why I have put my heart and soul into creating a formula that helps women get there.

After a long and difficult journey, I found a man that exceeded my wildest dreams and is the true guardian of my soul. I want the same for every woman on the planet, minus the long and difficult part.

And so far, it’s working. I’ve lost count of the number of weddings I have been to at this point. If your heart is tingling at the reading of this post, follow this link to my free webinar. It’s 45-minutes of hopeful, illuminating goodness.

If you see yourself in that picture, book a call. There is a solution to your struggle and a loving, supportive community just on the other side of a few clicks. See? Deceptively simple.

Yours in Nakedness,

The REAL Reason You’re Still Single

Every day I talk to women over Zoom about what’s not working in their love lives right now. They will tell me things like:

  • I can’t meet quality men on my level who I want to date.
  • Men lose interest and keep ghosting me.
  • Online dating sites just don’t work for me.
  • I get dates but all of the men have commitment issues.
  • All of the men I meet just want sex.

I get it. Dating today is nothing if not challenging. But none of these things are the real reason why you and the other women I speak with are single.

When I dig into their pasts, I find a history of failed relationships or no relationships at all.

That is the REAL issue.

If you haven’t had a truly successful, loving, co-committed relationship in your life, this is the issue you need to be addressing.

We are all the sum total of the choices we make in life. Even if men pursued you, you said yes to them. And you chose to stay in relationships with them, even when you knew you should leave.

The key to successful dating is to own your part in why your past relationships failed. If you don’t do this work first, the chances of you being able to choose a good man and create a loving, lasting relationship are slim to none. Instead, you will waste more of your precious life, repeating the same painful patterns, and expecting a different result.

If you keep repeating these patterns and having more failed relationships, your trust and abandonment issues will continue to grow. That wall around your heart will become so high that no man will be able to get past it even if he wanted to. Is this really what you want to keep doing?

I was with my ex-husband for a total of 13 years. I thought about leaving him for years. In fact, I did leave him after we were together for five years and then I went back. These were my choices and the only way I could ever find true love was by taking responsibility for why I made them.

I never felt attractive to men and I got little male attention when I was younger. So, I stayed with my ex-husband because I was scared that, if I left him, I would be alone for the rest of my life.

There were things I needed to work on to raise my self-esteem, but what I realized was that, more than anything, I didn’t understand men.

I didn’t know what they wanted or needed from me other than sex.

I didn’t know how to speak to men and ask for what I wanted from them without sounding desperate, needy, angry, or insecure.

I didn’t know how to be playful and light with men.

And most of all, I didn’t know how to let down my guard and get emotionally naked so I could create a deep and lasting romantic connection with a man.

I know you dream of having an epic love with a fabulous man, and you CAN HAVE IT! Let me show you how.

For the last eighteen years, I have been with my husband, Benjamin, in the most beautiful relationship I have ever seen. He is The Guardian of my Soul. I found him because I did the right work on myself to learn how to become the kind of woman a man like Benjamin would fall in love with.

Are sick and tired of blaming the dating sites, men, or the powers that be for why you’re single? Do you want to gain real power and control over your dating life so you can attract the Guardian of Your Soul? If so, then click this link to my FREE 45-minute presentation, and let’s get you your dream!

Yours nakedly,


I’ve done a lot of looking into mirrors in my life. Some of it primping, getting ready to go out. Eyebrow plucking, makeup, hair, outfit, I’ve put in some hours. And that’s just the practical mirror time.

Then there’s the other hours. The hours spent trying to figure out who that person looking back at me is. Not liking what I see. Judging and shaming the face, the hair, the body and wondering how it could ever be fixed.

That’s been the bulk of my mirror time.

Which is why the event I am about to describe is so extraordinary.

A few days ago, I was walking by the mirror on my way to make a video in my garden. I caught a glimpse of myself and thought, “Oh my goodness, who is that beautiful woman staring back at me?”

When I was much younger, I didn’t feel pretty. Not as a little girl, a young woman or, really, for the first 34 years of my life. And it wasn’t just that I didn’t feel beautiful, which I didn’t. I hated myself. I hated the way I looked. I was overweight and unhappy and I stayed that way for thirty-four years. 

It didn’t help that my mother and grandmother were always commenting on my weight, saying things like, “You would be so pretty if you just lost twenty pounds.”

Being overweight was one way that my feelings about myself showed on the outside. The other was in my romantic relationships. I fantasized about the kind of man I wanted, the kind of man I thought I deserved, but I down deep, I didn’t believe that man would want me. 

Because I didn’t feel attractive, I wound up settling for a man who wasn’t handsome by any stretch of the imagination. At least he was funny and creative, and I told myself that was enough for me.

It turned out that he was also a pathological liar. Even though I knew things weren’t good, I married him and wound up investing a total of thirteen years of my life in that relationship. 

When I came out of my first marriage, I had a stunning realization. I knew I had to look at why, out of all the men on the planet, I had picked my ex and why I had chosen to stay with him for thirteen years. 

No one forced me to do these things. They were my choices and, now, I had the opportunity to choose differently. I was determined to get it right this time.

I knew there were no quick diets or Band-Aid fixes that would solve my problems. It was time to do the deeper work to learn to love and accept myself. 

The most important choice I ever made was to face my weight issue head-on. I was smart enough to know that no diet would solve this problem for me. I’d taken weight off many times only to put more weight back on. And even when I was thinner, I still didn’t like myself. 

I knew that “it wasn’t what I was eating, it was what was eating me” that mattered…and, this time, I was determined to get to the bottom of it.

To do that, I sought out the greatest mentors and teachers I could find. I studied with the author of The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz. I got my Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology at a fabulous alternative university in Santa Monica, CA. And I joined a very strict 12-Step group for compulsive eating. 

In doing this work, it became clear to me how I had been hiding behind my weight and compromising myself my entire life.

I spent the next six years working on me before I felt that I was ready to find my true partner. By the time I started to date, I didn’t just feel like a new woman, I was a new woman.

Now, when I look at my handsome, kind, loving husband of eighteen years, I know that I would never have been able to receive his love if I hadn’t done this work on myself. 

Benjamin tells me all the time that I am the most beautiful woman he knows and that I turn him on more than anyone ever has. Every time we dress to go out (before the pandemic, that is), he always comments on how pretty I look. 

There was a time when I wouldn’t have believed it if a man said these things to me, but now I do. 

You see, Benjamin is my mirror. 

The me that I see reflected back to me in his eyes is who I now believe myself to be. And the more he reflects back to me who I am, the more of myself I become.

That is how I have come to embrace my own beauty and to love the woman I see in the mirror today. 

Feeling seen and loved by my husband who I respect and adore with every cell in my being has given me the confidence not only to embrace my own beauty but to let it shine from the inside out for all the world to see.  

All my life I longed for anyone to tell me I was beautiful. My mother didn’t do that for me. My grandmother didn’t do that for me. And my father certainly didn’t do that for me. 

It takes more than a diet or a self-help book or saying affirmations in the mirror to become a woman who can attract The Guardian of Your Soul. It takes personal responsibility and deep personal work. 

But once you do this work on yourself, you will be ready attract and receive the love of an AMAZING man. I can tell you from personal experience, it’s the most empowering and freeing thing you could ever do!

The hitch is that it is really hard to do this work on your own. I certainly didn’t. I needed the help of great teachers to get to where I am today.

If you are ready to make some real and lasting changes and finally draw the right man into your life, my free 45-minute webinar is a great place to start. 

If you like what you hear in it, book a call with me and let me tell you how to get on the other side of this and into the arms of your soulmate.

Your in Nakedness,

Are YOU Not Showing Enough Interest

One of the biggest mistakes I made when I dated was that I didn’t show men I was interested in them. And, if I wasn’t showing interest, there was no way to create a spark. In retrospect, I can see that I didn’t get asked out on many second dates because men couldn’t tell if I was interested in them. Is this happening to you?

Women tell me all the time that they rarely meet men they’re attracted to. I get that. We all have our preferences for what we are looking for in a man. But that might not be the only thing that’s going on. Like me, you might have walls up that are protecting you from getting hurt. When you go on dates, it might feel like you aren’t attracted to any of the men you meet, but what’s really happening is that you are walled off and protecting yourself from getting hurt again. The only men that seem to get through that wall are the ones who feel familiar and are bad for you.

It took me years to remove the wall around my own heart. For years it seemed like I just wasn’t attracted to many men, but now I can see that it was my own fear that was keeping me from opening up and connecting with them. As I have become less guarded and more comfortable with men, I find so many more of them attractive. I am not saying that all of these guys were marriage material. They weren’t. But I can now see that I wasn’t even giving them a chance.

You might really want to have a man in your life, but you need to be honest and ask yourself if you are blocked and afraid of getting hurt.

All of us have been rejected by someone we love and we are afraid of getting our hearts broken again. It might have been your parents or the kids at school who hurt you. Maybe it was a lover, a boyfriend, or an ex-husband who betrayed your trust and broke your heart. Once this happens, it isn’t easy to trust again.

The hard part about breaking this pattern is that it really seems like you are not attracted to the men you’re meeting. The only way to shift it is to start admitting that you are playing a part in this equation. You need to set an intention to be more open and playful and open on your dates. We all want an instant spark, the kind we see in the movies. But if you aren’t connecting with any of the men you meet, you need to consider that you might be blocked and take steps to initiate a connection even if it isn’t there.

This last time when I dated, I made a conscious choice to keep my heart open. I went on dates with different men, many who were not my usual type. Because I stayed open, if it wasn’t a match, it was fine. I would just tell myself that, with each date, I was one step closer to one that was.

The more different types of men I dated, the more comfortable I became with men, and the more I was able to open up.

To truly open your heart, you need to throw away your list of requirements. Sure, I still had preferences and I knew the bar was high. But the truth is, if I knew everything to look for and how to find it, I would have already found my partner.

I didn’t know what my love was going to look like. I had no idea that my husband was going to be a bodyworker. I didn’t know he was going to be divorced and drive an old vintage car and live in a rental house.

If you’ve got that list, where the man you’re looking for needs an advanced degree, must be 6’ with a full head of hair, drive a fancy car, own a home, be at the top of his field, etc……..

…you are creating an impossibility.

So open up, get interested, and most of all SHOW interest. When you show up with open space in your heart and room to be surprised, that is when the magic happens.

If you are sick and tired of floundering out there, let’s get you some help. I know it is scary to think of facing this head-on, but I can tell you that what’s on the other side for you is beyond your wildest dreams.

If you haven’t already, check out my webinar. If it speaks to your heart, book a call.

I made it to the other side and have spent the last 17 years in the most magical relationship, and that is what I want for every woman on the planet.

Reach out, I look forward to connecting with you!

Yours in Nakedness,

The Gifts of Aunt Ruth

My mother died of breast cancer when I was 15 years old. There’s a lot that has been said about motherless daughters, and how much we struggle to find our way.

When I lost my mom, I also lost my inborn roadmap for how to be in the world.

So, I made it a point to develop bonds with women who I felt could show me how to become a quality woman.

Nobody modeled this for me more lovingly and beautifully than my Aunt Ruth.

Aunt Ruth was extraordinary. There’s no telling what she would have become today but, like most women back then, she was a housewife and mother.

Aunt Ruth was a beautiful woman on the outside, but there was so much more to her than that. There was something about Ruth that made everyone want to be around her. 

The most striking thing of all about my aunt was the effect she had on men. They adored her. She had a natural feminine essence that made men seek out her company.

I always admired that about her. 

When I was younger, I didn’t have a sense of my own feminine essence. I didn’t know how to make men feel comfortable and at ease with me.

But Aunt Ruth just did it naturally. As far as men were concerned, if Ruth was in the room nobody else mattered.

I had to find out what exactly this power was that Aunt Ruth had over men, so I asked the person who could explain it the best, my uncle Sid. 

“Uncle Sid, what is it about Aunt Ruth? Why do men just love her?“

My uncle said, “She’s beautiful inside and out. But very few women who are as beautiful as her are also as kind as her. She has a unique blend of beauty and kindness that is very attractive to men. I knew when I met her I had to act fast because so many men were attracted to her. If I turned my back at a frat party, there would be five or six men all around her in no time.“

Towards the end of her life, I visited Aunt Ruth and I had the opportunity to hear Ruth and Sid’s love story from her side. They met when she was only 15-years-old. I asked her if she regretted meeting Uncle Sid when she was so young.

She looked me straight in the eye and said, “Lisa, whatever happened good or bad, I was one lucky Jew girl…“

and that reminded me of the other reason why men loved Ruth:

She kept a dry sense of humor, but she was a straight shooter and she wasn’t afraid to call it like it was. She was also a shrewd judge of character and didn’t suffer fools lightly.

These are just some of the extraordinary gifts that Aunt Ruth gave me. She not only showed me how to be in the world but she showed me how to be with men. I will always be so grateful for that.

In one of our final late night conversations, we were sitting around talking about relationships and men and connection. At one point, Aunt Ruth said, “Lisa, how did you get so smart? I am 90-years-old and I’m still trying to figure this all out?“

Then she added, “I know that you were Judy’s little girl, but you’re my Lisa.“ 

The beauty of that moment was that she was seeing in me the gifts that I got from her…and she thought they were gifts that she was getting from me.

Feeling loved and feeling seen is so important in being able to become the women we want to become.

Think about the women who have come through your life. The ones that made a mark on you and molded you into the woman that you are today. 

Maybe your mother died or maybe she isn’t the mother you wanted, but look at all the amazing women who are around you. There might be someone in your life right now who can teach you how to become the woman you want to be. It can be a sister, a friend, a boss, a mentor, or a coach.

Set an intention to spend time with those women so you can deepen those relationships and open yourself to the gifts they have to give you.

Dating can feel hard, but you don’t want to settle. You deserve an extraordinary love. 

Don’t keep struggling and suffering out there in the dating world trying to figure this out by yourself. I didn’t get there on my own and you don’t have to either. 

I’d love to share the gifts of my Aunt Ruth and some of my own wisdom that I’ve gleaned along the way with you. 

If you’re tired of struggling and wasting time and you REALLY want to find the guardian of your soul, then I have a FREE webinar for you. It’s only 45-minutes and it will change your life.

If you like what you hear, book a breakthrough call and I will show you how to use your feminine powers to attract the man of your dreams.

Just this morning one of my clients said to me, “Lisa, before I met you I never had a role model to show me how to be kind and gentle with men. Thank you for being that woman for me.”

Don’t miss my webinar! The gifts of Aunt Ruth need to be shared!

Yours in Nakedness,

Don’t Let This Be YOU!

Remember when you put your mom’s lace handkerchief on your head and then walked down the hallway, step-touch-step-touch with a broom? 

Maybe you had on your grandma’s flowy nightgown and let its extra length drag behind you like a train on a Christian Dior gown.

In the magical lore of love, nothing set your little girl heart aflutter like dreaming of your wedding day.

Mine too… which makes it even more tragic that 50% of all first marriages end in divorce.

Yeah, sorry to bring it down. But strap in; it gets worse.

Sixty-seven percent of second marriages and seventy-four percent of third marriages end in divorce.

That means that after the first one, there is an even greater chance your next marriage will fail.

Why do the divorce rates keep going up? 

Here’s the deal. When most people go through a divorce, they’re filled with heartache, rejection, and disappointment.

So, they read a few books, go to some counseling, and then they start to feel better and think they’ve got it all figured out. But 67 or 74 times out of 100 they haven’t solved anything. Even if they understand what went wrong, that doesn’t mean they know how to stop it from happening again.

You don’t want to become another victim of delusional optimism. This is when you TELL yourself that you’ve learned your lessons and that it won’t happen again, but you have no real proof that you won’t do it again. 

I get it. You need to feel positive and hopeful, but you also must be realistic. 

If you’ve had one failed relationship after the other, you must do the deeper work to stop it from happening again.

What is “the deeper work”? 

First, you must hire the best dating expert so you can get a true picture of what’s been stopping you from finding love. Trying to do this on your own is like Googling abdominal pain and deciding you have indigestion only to wind up in the emergency room the next day with a burst appendix. You might think you know what you’re doing wrong, but I wouldn’t count on it.

Next, you need a proven, step-by-step strategy for going on dates and breaking the repeating patterns that have been keeping you stuck. Just because you tell yourself you need to look for different qualities in a partner, doesn’t automatically mean you are going to be attracted to someone who has those qualities. It isn’t easy to switch from being attracted to narcissistic, emotionally unavailable, anxious, or avoidant partners to being attracted to ones who are available and secure. In the beginning, people who are safe and ready for a relationship might bore you. You won’t have to work hard to get their attention so they won’t feel as challenging or exciting as unavailable people do. If you aren’t careful, you can easily fall back into old habits. With time, patience, and the right support system, you will meet someone who feels challenging and exciting in a good way. He or she will excite you not by playing games but by holding you to a higher standard and challenging you to become an even better version of yourself. Best of all, this person will make you feel stable and secure. 

I have a very dear friend who’s husband suddenly left her and asked he for a divorce. Despite how beautiful, intelligent, and extraordinary she is, she just couldn’t see what he was trying to tell her for two years.  She sees it now, but it’s too late. The saddest part is that she’s been here before.

You don’t want this to be you. You don’t want to go into your next relationship with the same behaviors that brought about the demise of your last one.

That’s where I come in.

As a dating expert and master coach, I do more than just help you see what went wrong. In my three-month program, I take you by the hand and help you dismantle these destructive habits step-by-step.

I give you a proven method to stop finding a partner to play the same dysfunctional game with, and start finding the guardian of your soul.

My clients are smart successful women who come to me with baggage and scars and hopes and fears, and as they go through this process, they have amazing transformations. Now they have a recipe and roadmap to attract their true soulmate.

And that’s exactly what they do. In the most amazing way. Many of them find it before my 3-month program is even over.

You can too. If you’ve been through a divorce, I know you never want to go through that again. You don’t want to risk becoming another statistic.

You could keep trying to do this on your own. But first, I want to ask you one question

If you met the man of your dreams tomorrow, how much time would you have left to spend with him?

Twenty years? Thirty? Fifty, if you’re lucky? Those years go by in a heartbeat, and I know you don’t want to waste another moment of your precious time.

If you haven’t seen my free webinar yet, check it out. If you like what you hear, you can book a personal call with me and I will tell you how we can make that childhood wedding dream come true!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Yours in Nakedness,