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Re-learning the language of love

Choosing Your Emotional Home

I wanted to share with you something one of my friends recently said. She was talking about choosing your emotional ...
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Get into your heart so he can too!

I lead women on a powerful 3-month journey to unlock the deep secrets of finding lasting love. The name of ...
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Are YOU Not Showing Enough Interest

One of the biggest mistakes I made when I dated was that I didn’t show men I was interested in ...
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How and When to Have the Exclusivity Talk

So you’ve been out on a number of dates with a guy. You’ve slept together, you text daily, maybe you ...
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Writing a Love Letter to Your Future Soulmate

When my clients first start working with me, the very first thing I have them do is write a love ...
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Stop Telling Yourself “There Are No Good Men”

So, you’re on a quest for mind-bending, soul-quenching, life-lasting love. Sounds like a plan. And you’ve looked and looked and ...
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The Single Biggest Mistake You’re Making That’s Keeping You Single

You’ve heard the expression, “you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince,” right? Like a lot ...
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Slow and Sensual

My friend Simone is a man magnet. She is one of the most sensual women I know. She’s one of ...
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Why Ghosting Is Good

Anyone who’s ever dated knows how much it takes to put yourself out there. You really thought about what to ...
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