My friend Simone is a man magnet. She is one of the most sensual women I know. She’s one of those women that you look at and think, “What is it about her??” It’s something about the way she owns her body. She moves across a room with this incredible, grounded energy that is so beautiful and playful and alive. 

One of the things my husband has said to me is that men love women who move slowly-who are sensual. That is Simone. You probably know a Simone yourself, and you think she’s just born with it. But you can learn to be sensual and present in your body in a way that is crazy attractive to men, without having to shrink your personality.

Let’s get a little nerdy about it:

If you are a human female, you’re no stranger to unsolicited advice about your body. What it should look like, what size it should be, what you should put on it, in it, around it. This has likely had a profound effect on how you feel about your body, and in your body. 

This is not news, but it is 90% of advertising. Okay, there’s a perfect body type and 90% of us aren’t it. You want us to buy stuff. We’re onto it. What we don’t think about is how these negative messages can internalize, and cause us to disconnect from our bodies. 

Verbal communication is only one of the ways that we express ourselves. Our bodies give off a wealth of information all the time. Our mouths communicate what we want people to know, but our bodies show how we relate to the world.

Your body is giving off messages to men at all times. Do you know what your body is saying? If you’ve lost that connection, you probably don’t. When you’re in your head, and you’re multitasking, and you’re doing and doing and doing, how does that show up in your body?

When you’re on your phone and in your purse and doing all those things that make you competent and successful, your body may be telling men, “I’m busy, all these things need my attention, and I’m unavailable.”

And here’s the vicious circle: you may be keeping yourself busy with all these things to distract you from the fact that you are alone. You are multitasking the pain away. You don’t have to think about the fact that you don’t have a man in your life to spend your free time playing, exploring, and making passionate love with. You don’t have to be honest about how much it really sucks. I’ve been there.

Part of being Emotionally Naked is reclaiming your relationship to your body. 

When you are connected to your body, you can start being in your body instead of doing in your body. You can stop sending those unconscious messages that push men away.

Your body is the primary director of your energy. Even if you have a huge personality, you want to be able to use that energy in a focused, magnetic way.

One of the ways to tap into emotional nakedness is to be intentional about being present in your body. When you are present in your body, the message that sends to men is, “I’m here, I’m available, and I’m listening.” And that kind of energy is irresistible. 

Being a sensual woman is all about living life with all five senses. You can practice this by using some “Slow and Sensual” awareness.

Find some time in your day to be fully in your body. You can be on a walk, refilling coffee at the office or pulling warm laundry out of the dryer. It doesn’t matter too much what you are doing, as long as you are using all of your body.

Take a moment to slow down and take everything in. Feel the texture of what’s in your hand. Feel the warmth of the coffee cup. Notice the wind and all the smells and sounds around you. Smell a flower and let it tickle your nose a little.

Take it in and seek it out, let your body respond. 

When you connect with your body in this way you become magnetic. It’s a present, energetic, ageless kind of beauty that draws men to you. When you relate to the world as if it is delicious, exquisite, warm, soft, and sensual, men cannot help but see you that way. 

If you want to learn more about how you can tap into these beautiful, magnetically attractive qualities that are inside all of us, click here to schedule a breakthrough call.

In the meantime, take the time to stop and smell the roses. Or the chocolate. Or the Prosecco. Or whatever else turns you on.