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“Your greatness is only limited by the investments
you make in YOURSELF.”

Grant Cardone

Booking a call with me will get you one step closer
to your dream of finding true love!!!

I’ve created this page, “Get Resourceful” because I am 100% certain I can change your life!

This next step is a crucial one. You have to make the decision not to let anything stop you from investing in your dream. You have to decide that you are done being the third wheel, spending holidays alone, crying yourself to sleep at night, and worrying if you will grow old alone. You have to decide that you are ready to do whatever it takes to find the guardian of your soul.

Until you make the decision to solve this, nothing will ever change. The decision has to come first. The investment and money come second.

Once you make the decision to invest in yourself, it’s time to get resourceful! Getting resourceful means getting creative and FINDING the money to invest in yourself, the same way you would if you needed capital to start a business.

“It’s not about your resources, it’s about your resourcefulness.”

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the money on hand right now. Many of the women who are currently in my course were just like you. They didn’t have the money conveniently sitting around in a desk drawer. But they refused to let that stop them. They were so determined to get this solved that they rose to the challenge and found the money to invest in their dream.

Every time you buy into your own excuse that you don’t have enough money, you are giving up on your dream!

The people who get what they want in love and in life are the ones, like you, who don’t expect things to be easy or convenient. They know that overcoming challenges like this one is the ONLY way their life is going to chang

Over and over again, I have seen that, for the willing,
there is ALWAYS a way!

One client, a waitress, sent me her tip money every week for 3 months so she could do the course. She is now in the best relationship of her life with a man who recently asked her to be his girlfriend.

Another did a Go Fund Me for her 50th birthday. Last April, they were married in the presence of many of the beloved family and friends who donated to her cause.

Yet another woman sent me monthly payments before starting the course.  She’d never had a boyfriend in her life and is now in an exclusive relationship with a man who respects her Catholic values and is willing to wait for sex until marriage.

Many women have applied for up to 10 credit cards before they got approved!

American Express Blue Cash Everyday Card. This is one of our favorite cards because they will give you instant approval and offer 0% interest for 15 months.

You can also search “0% APR credit cards” in Google and see how many pop up. These credit cards will have offers of 0% interest for 12-24 months – meaning you can create your own plan to pay off the investment without incurring any interest!

Here is a link to a list that our clients have used for balance transfers in the past.

Check out NerdWallet, where you can search for available credit cards based on your credit rating, Chase Slate is also good if your credit is imperfect or Here are some options for clients in the UK: Aquiscard, Capitol One, Ocean Finance, Marbles, Opus, New Horizons, Cash Up Jar, Money Me. For clients with good Credit: Halifax, ASDA, and MBNA.

3rd party funding allows you to enjoy the benefits of my program for a low monthly payment plan between $200-$300. To use this option, I ask that you put down a 10% non-refundable deposit. We will run your application on the Breakthrough Call. Eaze Consulting will contact you with an approval and set up an appointment to give you payment options usually within 24 hours.

There are a few prerequisites:

  • Must make more than $40k/yr
  • Must be employed with your job for more than a year. (If you are a business owner then do you have 2018 and 2019 tax returns completed for your business?)
  • Must have a credit score above 620

If you answered yes to these three questions, you may qualify. And keep in mind this is for an investment and not a debt! So, while this service allows you to have low affordable monthly payments, there is no prepayment penalty! This means, at any point, you can pay this off and the only rates you pay are on those initial funding installments until it’s paid off!

Another option is to split the payment onto several existing credit cards. You can also cal your credit card company and asked for an increase in credit limit – it only takes minutes over the phone. Don’t forget about your emergency credit card! (You know, the one hidden in your underwear drawer. That’s the one you’re saving for emergencies. Getting out of this rut and finding a partner is definitely an emergency!)

We’ve had women who have decided that this is the exact thing they’ve been saving for, so they’ll pull from savings. We’ve had other women who have even paid the early withdrawal fee in order to get the money from their retirement accounts. If you have assets, use them! Let all of your hard work fund helping you find your freedom for good!

You can take advantage of our pay-in-full option to save some money and apply for a 6-month no-interest loan from PayPal. If approved, you can pay off your investment over 6 months without incurring any added interest. You can read and apply here. Don’t forget to check your PayPal balance (there can be leftover money hiding there!)

Did you know the average person has extra stuff in their house worth between $10-30k? Sell those extra things on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or eBay! What do you have that you could sell? Clients have sold jewelry, engagement rings, wedding dresses, horse trailers…you name it!

Many women are uncomfortable asking for and receiving support, but there are often people in our lives who would love to support us in making changes. Who believes in you that could support you? Who would invest in you if you were committed to improving your life? Perhaps it’s a gift or maybe it’s a loan. Most people are very happy if they can earn 10% annual interest on an investment!

Many of my clients have big hearts and are usually the ones lending money to others. Is there anyone who owes you money? Call them and make arrangements to get your money back now.

Look at your current spending and ask yourself, “Do I really need cable TV? Can I live without Starbucks for a while? Can I stop online shopping? What if I quit eating out and cook food at home? Many clients have been able to adjust their current budget to find between $500-$1500 right there!

Some clients decided to ask for cash instead of gifts for their birthday and holiday gifts.

One of the very best ways for people to find extra cash today is either by Ubering or Airbnbing a room in their house.

Are you overdue for a raise at work? Or if you’re self-employed, can you raise the rates you are currently charging for your current services?

Have friends donate art/ crafts/ things they are ready to part with and have a fundraiser. Better yet, make it an auction!

Send in some referrals! Every person you refer who signs up means we send you a 10% referral fee when they finish the course!

Take out a Title loan on your car.

a service that can provide you with a number of different funding options.

your home.

This is a great way for someone who loves you to invest in you if they don’t actually have the money in the bank. Your coach can help your investor to apply for our 3rd-party funding.


  1. CIBC Visa Select (0% interest for 10 months)


  1. Interest-free credit cards
  2. Society One loans
  3. Moneyme loans
  4. ING Personal loan
  5. Citibank personal loans
  6. StepUp no-interest loans (suitable for those who have a Health Care Card, a Pensioner Concession Card, or an income less than $45,000 per year after-tax)
  7. COVID Household Relief (follow the link for requirements)


  1. Credit card options
  2. Barclaycard Platinum (20 months 0% APR on Purchases)
  3. Paypal credit (4 months 0% APR)
  4. Personal Loans up to £5000


  1. Bank of Ireland Credit Card (0% APR for 6 months)
  2. Ulster Bank Credit Card

If you have a US address available, try the options above! allows you to search for credit cards and loan options in a variety of countries

What ideas from the above list work for you? Is there anything else that comes to mind?

Remember: You always find the money once you make the decision. First, you make the decision to change your life! Once you’ve fully committed to that decision, the Universe will start moving your fear out of the way and help you get creative, and show you how to make this happen.

The difference between consumer debt and investment debt:

Consumer debt is why most people are broke. It’s like a sugar high. It’s something you buy to pacify you at the moment, but then it’s gone.

Investment debt, on the other hand, is money that you invest in something that reaps a big reward and positive long-term impact in your life.

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you will empty the pennies in your purse into your mind, that mind will produce dollars for the rest of your life into your purse.” That’s what we’re talking about here. We’re not talking about blowing money on things you don’t need. We’re talking about you investing in your dreams and receiving the rewards of that investment for the rest of your life.

Many of us have hired coaches and invested in almost every other aspect of our lives. NOW is the time to invest in THE MOST important part of your life: finding a true partner, a lover, and a playmate to grow old with.

It’s time to invest in

what really matters.


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