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Finding The Guardian of Your Soul

The REAL Reason You’re Still Single

Every day I talk to women over Zoom about what’s not working in their love lives right now. They will tell me things like: I get it. Dating today is nothing if not challenging. But ...
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An Ode To Love

Benjamin Shield. I met him 17 years ago. There was a time when I didn’t think it was possible to meet a man like him. Especially not for me. Given my relationship history, my destructive ...
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Why He Didn’t Ask You Out Again

Why He Didn’t Ask You Out Again We’ve all been there, right? You go on a wonderful date and come ...
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have you found yourself staring at heartbreak

How to share your dreams and how to ask for what you want

Have you ever found yourself standing at the crossroads of heartbreak and hope, feeling like perhaps you’re missing that elusive ...
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Magical Thinking is Hazardous to Your Love Life!

Many accomplished women assume that, because they have been so successful in other areas of their life, they should also ...
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Julene found her husband Andy after taking my course!

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64-Year-Old University Professor Finds True Love in Six Weeks!

No one would EVER imagine that a beautiful, intelligent, charming, successful woman like Jane would have trouble attracting the right ...
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Are You Making These Fatal Mistakes that Push Men Away?

So many women don’t realize that they are doing subtle things that turn men off and push them away. These ...
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The #1 Behavior that turns men off…

Alright, Ladies, Let’s take a look at the number one thing women do that turns men off and pushes them ...
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The Second Massive Mistake You’re Making That Turns Off Men

Today I want to introduce you to another female behavior that turns off men. This is one I was guilty ...
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