Every day I talk to women over Zoom about what’s not working in their love lives right now. They will tell me things like:

  • I can’t meet quality men on my level who I want to date.
  • Men lose interest and keep ghosting me.
  • Online dating sites just don’t work for me.
  • I get dates but all of the men have commitment issues.
  • All of the men I meet just want sex.

I get it. Dating today is nothing if not challenging. But none of these things are the real reason why you and the other women I speak with are single.

When I dig into their pasts, I find a history of failed relationships or no relationships at all.

That is the REAL issue.

If you haven’t had a truly successful, loving, co-committed relationship in your life, this is the issue you need to be addressing.

We are all the sum total of the choices we make in life. Even if men pursued you, you said yes to them. And you chose to stay in relationships with them, even when you knew you should leave.

The key to successful dating is to own your part in why your past relationships failed. If you don’t do this work first, the chances of you being able to choose a good man and create a loving, lasting relationship are slim to none. Instead, you will waste more of your precious life, repeating the same painful patterns, and expecting a different result.

If you keep repeating these patterns and having more failed relationships, your trust and abandonment issues will continue to grow. That wall around your heart will become so high that no man will be able to get past it even if he wanted to. Is this really what you want to keep doing?

I was with my ex-husband for a total of 13 years. I thought about leaving him for years. In fact, I did leave him after we were together for five years and then I went back. These were my choices and the only way I could ever find true love was by taking responsibility for why I made them.

I never felt attractive to men and I got little male attention when I was younger. So, I stayed with my ex-husband because I was scared that, if I left him, I would be alone for the rest of my life.

There were things I needed to work on to raise my self-esteem, but what I realized was that, more than anything, I didn’t understand men.

I didn’t know what they wanted or needed from me other than sex.

I didn’t know how to speak to men and ask for what I wanted from them without sounding desperate, needy, angry, or insecure.

I didn’t know how to be playful and light with men.

And most of all, I didn’t know how to let down my guard and get emotionally naked so I could create a deep and lasting romantic connection with a man.

I know you dream of having an epic love with a fabulous man, and you CAN HAVE IT! Let me show you how.

For the last eighteen years, I have been with my husband, Benjamin, in the most beautiful relationship I have ever seen. He is The Guardian of my Soul. I found him because I did the right work on myself to learn how to become the kind of woman a man like Benjamin would fall in love with.

Are sick and tired of blaming the dating sites, men, or the powers that be for why you’re single? Do you want to gain real power and control over your dating life so you can attract the Guardian of Your Soul? If so, then click this link to my FREE 45-minute presentation, and let’s get you your dream!

Yours nakedly,