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Re-learning the language of love

Why Me?

Whenever I talk to a potential client, I always ask what was it about me that made her want to …

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How to Make Your Photos STAND OUT While You are STAYING IN!

Don’t underestimate how important your online dating photos are. If you are serious about attracting a wonderful partner, you must …

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Slay Your Dating Dragons

Hello, Naked Daters. The journey to find true love is and always has been a hero’s journey, and today I …

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Are You Ready to Receive?

If you looked back upon your love life as though it were a research study… …and saw that repeating the …

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How Many Summers Do You Have?

Living in Los Angeles, the land of eternal summer, it’s easy to forget that real summers go by in a …

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Taking Personal Responsibility When Dating

If you follow me, you know I like expressions. I feel like deconstructing them provides insight into patterns of human …

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How to Actually Attain Unconditional Love

Ladies, I like making LISTS, can I get a hell yeah?!?! Food lists, to-do lists, call lists, goal lists, you …

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Stop Getting Attached to Men Too Fast!

Hey Ladies, any of you ever been on a diet? Anyone?? Really? You too? Maybe you’re on one right now …

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The Nature of the Bridge

We all have underlying fears that keep us from getting what we want in life. These fears are deep and …

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