Hello, Naked Daters.

The journey to find true love is and always has been a hero’s journey, and today I want to give a shout out to all of you who are bravely on the path.

You are on a quest with many levels and plenty of dragons to slay along the way. 

If you’ve been single for a long time, chances are you’ve already slayed a few. You survived some bad relationships, regained your energy, and have put yourself back out into the unruly kingdom of dating.

And because you’ve done some work, you figure you should be good to go.

Still a lot of times you end up at a big table in front of an empty plate pounding your knife and fork…

…and waiting for a magic feast to appear. 

And that’s just not how it works.

Just the other day, a client of mine said to me six weeks through my 6 month program, “I’m ready and I want it now!”

If you are feeling that way right now, you are likely fighting the same insidious mid-level dragon my client is fighting: IMPATIENCE.

In fact, that very feeling is a telltale sign that you are not ready.

So I will tell you the same thing that I told her. “If you were ready, you would already have met the guardian of your soul.”

When we are ready, things come to us. We attract them into our lives. That’s how it works.

You can want it until you’re blue in the face, but that doesn’t mean you’re ready to have it.

And you can’t force it to happen. You don’t get to just decide when your partner shows up. 

However, there are some things you can do to move things along on your end:


I know this sounds insane – because, of course, you want to find love. But wanting something to happen is passive. 

To move energy and make things happen faster you need to move into action. 

To do that, you can begin to focus your energy on evolving yourself into the person that you need to become to attract the partner of your dreams.


Becoming the woman you need to be to attract true love into you life starts with using your dates as stepping stones to love.  Every date, good or bad, is an opportunity for you to see how you are blocking love. The goal is to learn how to take care of yourself emotionally while opening your heart to receive love.

Each date is a chance to…

get naked emotionally and ask for what you want, 

be yourself and let your dates be themselves,

become kinder and even more compassionate to others and yourself,

and learn how to listen better with an open mind and an open heart. 

If you do that, you will open up the space around your heart and you will attract love faster.


I know it sounds counterintuitive, but the more patient you are the faster it will happen.

When I was dating, one of the hardest parts of that process for me was t keep myself out there and stay positive and optimistic when I didn’t feel like I was getting the results I wanted.

I had to keep humbling myself and reminding myself that I didn’t get to decide when I was ready. That was up to the universe or the powers that be.

I had to accept that, when my true love did come into my life, it would be the reward for all the hard work I’ve done. That this would be the universe saying to me, “OK, now you’re ready.”

If I had met my husband, Benjamin, as the woman I was earlier in my life, he would not have been attracted to me. I was a very different person then—uncomfortable in my own skin, inexperienced in the ways of men, and emotionally unintelligent.

Using my dates as stepping stones to love, allowed me to grow up and become the woman I am today. I stopped dating like a teenager and became a real woman who could hold her own with a real man.

By the time I met Benjamin, two years and 96 first dates later, I was ready.

Don’t fight the process.

Allow yourself to learn and grow from each dating experience.

You can bang your knife and fork on the table for a lifetime waiting for a magical feast to appear.

OR…you can gather the ingredients and the recipes to create your own feast.

If you want to learn more about how I can help you get out of the quicksand once and for all and find the guardian of your soul, watch my webinar here.

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This stuff is SO HARD to navigate on your own. I can help you get there way faster than you can on your own.

See you on the path, heroes. You know where to find me.

In Love and Nakedness,