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Re-learning the language of love

Magical Thinking is Hazardous to Your Love Life!

Many accomplished women assume that, because they have been so successful in other areas of their life, they should also …

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Julene found her husband Andy after taking my course!

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Are You Making These Fatal Mistakes that Push Men Away?

So many women don’t realize that they are doing subtle things that turn men off and push them away. These …

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The #1 Behavior that turns men off…

Alright, Ladies, Let’s take a look at the number one thing women do that turns men off and pushes them …

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The Second Massive Mistake You’re Making That Turns Off Men

Today I want to introduce you to another female behavior that turns off men. This is one I was guilty …

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The Third Behavior that Turns Men Off…and is VERY easy to fix!

Enjoying this blog series? I’ve received wonderful responses from many of you saying this information is enlightening. I’ve also received …

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The Gifts of Aunt Ruth

My mother died of breast cancer when I was 15 years old. There’s a lot that has been said about …

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Stop Overreacting and Pushing Men Away

I want to share four actions you can take to stop your reactivity from spiraling out of control and sabotaging …

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How to Make a Man Feel Like a Man

One of the worst feelings in dating, and in life for that matter, is “not knowing what happened.” I know …

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