Today I want to introduce you to another female behavior that turns off men.

This is one I was guilty of.

When I went out on my 96 first dates, one of the big mistakes I was making was that I didn’t show enough interest in my dates.

They couldn’t tell if I liked them or not.

Like a lot of women, I didn’t want to lead a man on if I wasn’t sure how I felt about him, but how could I know if I liked a man if I didn’t at least try to connect with him?

Yes, there were many men I knew I didn’t want to see again.

But several of the men I would have gone out with a second time never asked me out again.

If you aren’t sending a man clear signals that you are interested in getting to know him, even if he likes you, he won’t pursue you.

He doesn’t want to get rejected any more than you do.

Like many women, you can tell yourself that you deserve a confident man who knows what he wants and pursues you, but if you don’t show interest, he will simply reach out to any of the countless other women online.

After the date, you can always say “no” if you decide you don’t want to see him again, but why not just give it your all and see what happens?

The trick to all of this is to become more open-hearted and more comfortable in your own skin.

When that happens, your walls will come down and you will be more playful and engaged with your dates.

It might seem as if you are suddenly attracting better men.

But what’s really happening is that your energy is more open and men can feel it.

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