So many women don’t realize that they are doing subtle things that turn men off and push them away.

These blindspots are keeping you single.

If you don’t know what these behaviors are, you could be sitting across from an amazing man on a date and not even know what you’re doing wrong.

There won’t be a connection because he won’t find you emotionally attractive and want to open up to you.

Just as we have things that turn us off about men, men are sensitive to certain behaviors in women that turn them off.

Many women aren’t conscious of what these behaviors are.

They go on date after date, fail to make a connection, and wonder where all the good men are.

You can be on a date and go through your whole spiel about how you’re ready for a relationship with a secure, emotionally available man, but if you do not have an intimate understanding of what turns a man off or on, quality men can tell that you’re not ready for the relationship you say you want.

If men lose interest in you quickly, if they ghost you or don’t ask you out again, or if they only come on to you sexually, you are doing one of several things to turn them off.

So what are those things you might be doing to push good men away? Stay tuned!

In the next few days, I will be sending out a series of emails where I explore some of the biggest things women do to turn off men.

You can talk about the Law of Attraction all day long, but before quality men will find you attractive, you have to first understand what you’re doing that is unattractive.

If you don’t figure this out, men won’t open up to you, you will never hear from them again, and you will be left wondering why.

Like many of the women I talk to, you will tell yourself this keeps happening because there just aren’t any quality men who want to commit, men are intimidated by your success, or whatever other excuses you make up to make yourself feel better.

Until you start to understand the subtle things that turn quality men off, you won’t know how to turn them on! 😉

Wanna know the great news?

These are ALL easy things to fix.

Not only that, once you learn the beautiful process I teach my women to create loving, lasting, Guardian of Your Soul relationships with men, you will have your pick of fabulous men to choose from.

I don’t give you tricks, scripts, and strategies for finding love.

I show you how to open your heart, get emotionally naked, and attract true love.

Do I have your attention?

Yours nakedly,