Have you ever found yourself standing at the crossroads of heartbreak and hope, feeling like perhaps you’re missing that elusive ‘relationship gene’? That’s exactly how my client, Rachel, felt when, twenty-six days before their wedding, her ex-boyfriend called the whole thing off.

In a state of shock, Rachel dropped her wedding dress off at Goodwill. The honeymoon came and went.

But what’s worse – Rachel felt like she had a fundamental flaw. Like she was missing that Special Relationship Gene other women had.

She felt hopeless.

She’d been raised in an abusive family. At an early age, she’d cut off her mom and dad.

On the surface, she was bubbly and playful. But it was a mask, so she wouldn’t have to be vulnerable.

When Rachel enrolled in my course, I said: Look, you think you’re being present and charming on dates. But you’re hiding, and men can’t really get to know you.

Men can’t see the real you.

As she went through the course, Rachel made a decision to open up, get emotionally naked, and ask for what she wanted.

Then she met Sean, a composer. Charming, wildly talented, and a gentleman.

My god, Sean just loves her.

He loves all of her – he sees her past as part of her depth.

When Sean asked Rachel about the course, she told him about the Final Five.

This is a crucial part of each woman’s journey through the END course. We work with you to pinpoint the Final Five characteristics you absolutely must have in a partner. It becomes your North Star for dating, your foundation.

So Sean asked her, What are your Final Five?

Rachel, being a bit Rachel, only told him four.

Hmm, there’s one missing, he teased.

She took a deep breath and let her walls come down. She said, The fifth one is… I really want to get married. I’ve never been married. My ex abandoned me 26 days before our wedding. And that’s my dream.

(She’d hesitated because she knew Sean didn’t want to get married.)

He didn’t hesitate. He said, I didn’t want to get married because I didn’t know women like you existed.

Rachel did the work on herself to go from being completely hopeless to finding a wonderful man who truly saw her. And chose her.

No tactics. No games.

It’s so much deeper. This is what other coaches don’t teach you.

My course taught Rachel how to open up. How to share her dreams, and how to ask for what she’d always wanted.

And then she got it!