No one would EVER imagine that a beautiful, intelligent, charming, successful woman like Jane would have trouble attracting the right man.

But after settling for 33 years in two unsuccessful marriages, Jane intentionally chose to be single for eight years.

When she felt she was ready to meet someone new, she marched right back into the dating world and found herself a man with an impossible fear of intimacy.

They had an on-again, off-again relationship that lasted two years and, sadly, destroyed Jane’s self-confidence.

Because Jane is a teacher and loves to learn, she wound up spending countless and unnecessary hours of her life searching online for the answers to why she kept failing in her love life.

The list of love coaches she followed was long and included some of the top names in the industry including Katherine Woodward, Arielle Ford, and Claire Zammit.

Then, one day, she heard me being interviewed by another coach and took me up on my offer to have a Breakthrough Session to discuss how we could help her break the lifelong relationship patterns that were keeping her stuck so she could open her heart again and find true love.

In her exit interview, Jane said, “Lisa, I’ve done other programs and you learn a piece here and a piece there, but I wanted someone to get me from where I was to delivered.

My standards were high and, then, I met you and it was like check, check, check. You know your stuff and you were clear about it. You also had such confidence and certainty about what could happen if I worked with you, and that was it for me.

Choosing to coach with you was one of the very top best decisions I have ever made in my life.

After failing in her romantic relationships for over 35 years, Jane was determined to find true love and become a woman who has it all—a fulfilling career, deep friendships, a beautiful home, and a loving, devoted partner to walk side-by-side with her through life to the end of days.

Can you relate? If you are a successful, professional woman who is sick and tired of wasting precious time and you are ready to find a true partner, I invite you to book a call with my team now.

In one 60-minute call, we will show you how to break the patterns that have been causing you to choose the wrong partners and finally find true love for the rest of your life, just like Jane.

You can cross ‘meet my soulmate’ off your to-do list forever!