When my clients first start working with me, the very first thing I have them do is write a love letter to their future soulmate and read it aloud everyday to help them stay passionately connected to their vision.

When you’re out in the dating world, it can feel impossible to stay positive and to keep yourself dating even when you’re not getting the results you desire. By writing and reading a love letter, you’re reminding to yourself — and sending a message to the Universe — that you mean business. This letter serves as your written testament that, no matter how long it takes, you believe your future soulmate is out there and you will keep going until you find him.

Your letter is an integral step in manifesting love. After all, everything we do is energetic, meaning we are surrounded by a world that is created by our vibrations, so it’s vital to harness that powerful energy to help create the love you desire.

Speak From Your Heart

The best way to write your love letter is the traditional way, with pen and paper. It doesn’t need to be more than a paragraph or two. You want to write it from the depth of your heart and speak directly to the man of your dreams, expressing your innermost hopes and desires. You could say something like, “I just know you’re out there. I can feel it in my soul. I’m not stopping until I find you and I know that you’re out there looking for me.”

Envision Your Life Together

Imagine this person. What does he look like? How does he smell? How does it feel to be in his arms? Envision your life together. How is your relationship like? Do you laugh a lot? Do you enjoy cooking dinner together? Describe your honeymoon. Where do you travel? What does your home life look like? Do you have children or a house filled with pets? Let your imagination paint the picture of the relationship of your dreams. There is nothing off-limits here.

How It Works

Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between something that actually happened and a vivid fantasy. For example, your subconscious doesn’t know if you actually went to India or you just read a book about it. All your subconscious knows is that you’re thinking and dreaming of India. A lot. And because you are thinking about India, you will start to you will start to tune in to things in your everyday life, like an Indian restaurant in your neighborhood that you never noticed before.

So just imagine what will happen when you start filling your subconscious mind with all of the wonderful images of your future husband that you described in your letter. When you go out into the world, all those qualities and attributes that you are looking for in a soulmate are what you’ll be automatically tuning into without even realizing it!

It Sends a Clear Signal to the Universe

Writing a letter that perfectly encapsulates your future soulmate is your signal to the Universe that says, “This is who I want!” If you don’t clearly know what you want, then how can you expect the Universe to deliver your greatest desire? After all, everything starts with an idea. You must know what it is that you want before you go online shopping, or you could end up with a lot of random stuff that you just don’t need –or want. The same thing happens when you “order” from the Universe. Be clear about who you want before you press “send.” There is just one thing I caution you against. I would not get too specific about your future soulmate physical attributes. It is enough to say that he is very handsome and we are wildly attracted to each other. You don’t want to box yourself in with too many specifics because he might surprise you.

Infuse it With Passion

Once you’re clear about what you want, you must infuse your vision with passion. Focus on your soulmate as if he’s living and breathing right in front of you; by doing so, you’re breathing life into him. You’re making them real and tangible. That’s how you will manifest him.

Once you’ve written your letter, read it aloud every single day. Start believing that he’s out there and start tuning your perception into this man so that you can draw him to you.

It Works

While some of you might think this process seems a little hokey, I can assure you — it works. I know because I wrote my own letter when I started dating.

When I did this exercise, I envisioned my future husband and me living and working at home together with our two dogs. My vision was very different from what I was doing at the time.  Then, I was importing from Mexico and Vietnam and traveling to trade shows to sell my product line. I didn’t know that I would become a dating coach, but I felt that there was something else I was meant to be doing.  And guess what? That is exactly what happened. I married the man of my dreams, and everything in my letter came true. We both work from home — he has his studio in our garage and I have my office in the house and we are there together with our two dogs, Milo and Owen, all day long! Either I’m just really a lucky person, or that letter worked.

So even if you think it’s silly, I suggest you give it a try!