I wanted to share with you something one of my friends recently said. She was talking about choosing your emotional home. You get to choose where you want to live emotionally in the same way you choose where you live physically.  You can choose if you live in a state of happiness, joy, or misery just like you get to choose if you live in a house, an apartment, or at home with your parents. 

In case you haven’t noticed, we are right in the midst of one of the most extraordinary times in history… a real-life pandemic. In a matter of days our lives were completely turned upside down. 

This time has been especially challenging for those of you who are single. I’ve been talking to many of you, and I know that you’re really struggling. You are feeling your singleness in a way you’ve never felt it before.

For many of you, the quarantine has been a huge wake-up call. The great thing about wake up calls is that they show you that you’re at a crossroads. You’re standing in a moment where you can make a choice. You get to choose how you feel about being single and what you want to do about it. 

You get to decide whether you want to sink into despair or if you are going to be motivated to finally take your love life seriously so you don’t wind up single and alone at the end of your life

In the last few weeks the price of lumber has skyrocketed due to massive home remodels. People are putting their energy into renovating their homes because they know they’re going to be spending a lot more time in them. 

You have the choice to do the same with your emotional home. 

You can either hide in the basement…

… or you can bedazzle the sh*t out of it.

You can take this time to let yourself feel every one of those feelings. Unpack them all and spread them out so that you can really see them. Make a pile of the ones that serve you. Then, open the doors and windows and sweep the rest into the sunlight.

You can get on the apps and explore what’s out there. Talk to men on Zoom and get curious about them. Enjoy listening to their stories and relish the sheer beauty of human connection. 

You can choose to see virtual dating as a godsend, a golden opportunity to connect on a deeper level without having to worry about sleeping with someone too soon. You can see it as a chance to plant the seeds for the relationship you want to see growing in the spring.

Most importantly, you can choose to get help. No matter how bored and frustrated you are right now, I doubt any of you would attempt to do a serious home renovation on your own. You aren’t going to start ripping down walls and tearing up floors on your own…although that could be a good way to get your aggressions out.

In the same way, if you really want to come out the other end of this pandemic a changed woman with a love life, you can hire a Love Coach to help you make a step-by-step plan to help you get there. It’s your choice.

If you haven’t seen my 45-minute webinar, it’s a great place to start. If you like what you hear in it, book a call with me now and let’s get going.

In the meantime, make your emotional home one that you want to live in. You’re going to be in it for awhile.

Yours in Nakedness,