I lead women on a powerful 3-month journey to unlock the deep secrets of finding lasting love.

The name of my course is “Emotionally Naked Dating.” 

Being able to get emotionally naked is the secret to attracting everything you long for in a relationship. And like any good secret, it takes guidance and wisdom to learn how to do it well.

Every week in the course I host live Q&A calls where the women often ask, “Lisa, I hear you about getting emotionally naked on a date, but how do I do that?”

I know they’re looking for simple strategies, like ask these questions, or touch his arm, or look longingly into his eyes for a little longer than you’re supposed to.

That’s what they are expecting…and all of those things work to a degree.

But the real answer to the question of how to get emotionally naked is that you need to get out of your head and into your heart.

The next question they ask is, “Okay, but how? How do I get into my heart?”

Unfortunately, this is way easier said than done. 

In fact, there’s a saying that the longest journey you will ever travel is 18 inches from your head to your heart. 

If you’re like most people in the dating world, right now you are in your head, trying to figure it out. 

Is he the right guy? Does he have this? Does he have that? Am I saying the wrong thing? Am I saying the right thing? Am I leaning back? Am I leaning too far forward? Is my dress too low cut?

When we are caught up in trying to “figure things out,”  we’re not in the present moment. If you are not in the present moment, you are not in your heart.

What we’re trying to create is love.

And love comes from the heart. It comes from a very different part of our being than what is governed by the head.

At work, you access the intellectual side of your brain, the left brain. But in love, you’re drawing from the right side, the creative part of your brain, and from your heart space.

I can tell from the tone of a client’s voice when she was totally caught in her head, trying to intellectualize the process…

…but you cannot access that space with external tips and tricks. It has to be made on the inside

When I talk about dating from an emotionally naked place, this is the journey the women in my group go on.

They begin to break the habits of relying on trying to change the outside world to make them happy, which is an impossible task.

Together, we work to identify and let go of old, repeating patterns so they can get closer to their heart. When they struggle, I guide them through it step-by-step. 

“Slow down. Breathe. Talk softer, move slower. Be present in the moment with him. Get curious and listen, really listen.” 

These are the beginning steps to changing who you are being with a man. And once you make these changes on the inside, everything on the outside begins to change.

When you’re coming from your heart, there is no wall. There’s no façade. There’s no hiding. There is no fear. There’s just you being in touch.

When you’re in your heart you don’t even have to think about emotional nakedness because your heart IS the center of your emotional nakedness.

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