So, you’re on a quest for mind-bending, soul-quenching, life-lasting love.

Sounds like a plan.

And you’ve looked and looked and LOOKED for your guy. You’ve searched online, offline, even in the grocery store line… but he wasn’t there.

Finally, you met someone. You chatted a bit.  You got your hopes up.  You even went out. NOPE. Not only was it not HIM, but it turned out he was the SAME wrong guy you’ve always dated.

DANG IT.  Where is he?!  Why are good men so hard to find?

What’s more, when did your love life become a cliché?

I get what you’re going through. I went through it myself. And here’s what I discovered. It didn’t matter how drop-dead gorgeous and/or successful I was. There WERE good men out there, men I found attractive, but THEY weren’t attracted to ME.

I didn’t know why.  Was I too independent or controlling?  Was it because I was full of anger or triggers?  Or, was it because I was a sucking vortex of need? (Sorry, but I  had to use that last bit. It was too good to cut.) 

Turns out there were several things I was doing to turn men off.  Good men picked up on my negative energy and they stayed away. I tried to explain what was happening by telling myself that there were no good men.  But my friends were finding partners who wanted to commit and marry them.  And in time, I had to admit to myself that these men were out there…they just didn’t find me attractive.

To meet good men, you have to get on their radar. For that to happen, you need to look at what you’re saying and doing to turn them off. 

Many of my clients come to me when they’re ready to give up on love.  But it doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t have to keep struggling to find a warm and tender co-habitant for the house of your heart.

For the answer, let’s turn to Quantum Physics which tells us that everything in existence is made of energy. Energy can vibrate on different frequencies but it’s attracted to its own frequency. So, people who vibrate at the same frequency tend to attract each other.

Negative thoughts and emotions create a very low vibrational frequency. If you are vibrating at this low frequency, you will attract people who are the same. 

Positive thoughts like self-love and gratitude vibrate at a very high frequency. This is the frequency you need to vibrate on if you want to be attractive to ‘good men’.

If you’re not meeting the kind of high-quality men you want, it’s because you are not on their wavelength. You’re giving off bad vibes. You’re not tuned in to each other.

These statements are:

a. Things Hippies Say

b. Overused Cliches

c. Fundamental Laws of the Universe

d. All the Above. 

The answer is d. 

So, how can you identify the patterns that are turning men away?  Here’s one way.  First, accept that there is something you’re doing that’s turning men off.  Then, ask three family members or friends for feedback. Tell them to write down three things you are doing right and three things you are doing wrong  with men.  Circle anything on the negative side of each list that repeats. You have now zeroed some of the things you’re doing to turn men away.

The next step is to replace these behaviors with more attractive ones. This is where I come in. I can show you how to shift these behaviors so you can attract an amazing man.

I have had women find true, lasting love in a matter of weeks. I have seen women in their 60’s and 70’s find true love for the first time. I saw 12 of my clients get married past year.

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Yours in Nakedness,