My mother died of breast cancer when I was 15 years old. There’s a lot that has been said about motherless daughters, and how much we struggle to find our way.

When I lost my mom, I also lost my inborn roadmap for how to be in the world.

So, I made it a point to develop bonds with women who I felt could show me how to become a quality woman.

Nobody modeled this for me more lovingly and beautifully than my Aunt Ruth.

Aunt Ruth was extraordinary. There’s no telling what she would have become today but, like most women back then, she was a housewife and mother.

Aunt Ruth was a beautiful woman on the outside, but there was so much more to her than that. There was something about Ruth that made everyone want to be around her. 

The most striking thing of all about my aunt was the effect she had on men. They adored her. She had a natural feminine essence that made men seek out her company.

I always admired that about her. 

When I was younger, I didn’t have a sense of my own feminine essence. I didn’t know how to make men feel comfortable and at ease with me.

But Aunt Ruth just did it naturally. As far as men were concerned, if Ruth was in the room nobody else mattered.

I had to find out what exactly this power was that Aunt Ruth had over men, so I asked the person who could explain it the best, my uncle Sid. 

“Uncle Sid, what is it about Aunt Ruth? Why do men just love her?“

My uncle said, “She’s beautiful inside and out. But very few women who are as beautiful as her are also as kind as her. She has a unique blend of beauty and kindness that is very attractive to men. I knew when I met her I had to act fast because so many men were attracted to her. If I turned my back at a frat party, there would be five or six men all around her in no time.“

Towards the end of her life, I visited Aunt Ruth and I had the opportunity to hear Ruth and Sid’s love story from her side. They met when she was only 15-years-old. I asked her if she regretted meeting Uncle Sid when she was so young.

She looked me straight in the eye and said, “Lisa, whatever happened good or bad, I was one lucky Jew girl…“

and that reminded me of the other reason why men loved Ruth:

She kept a dry sense of humor, but she was a straight shooter and she wasn’t afraid to call it like it was. She was also a shrewd judge of character and didn’t suffer fools lightly.

These are just some of the extraordinary gifts that Aunt Ruth gave me. She not only showed me how to be in the world but she showed me how to be with men. I will always be so grateful for that.

In one of our final late night conversations, we were sitting around talking about relationships and men and connection. At one point, Aunt Ruth said, “Lisa, how did you get so smart? I am 90-years-old and I’m still trying to figure this all out?“

Then she added, “I know that you were Judy’s little girl, but you’re my Lisa.“ 

The beauty of that moment was that she was seeing in me the gifts that I got from her…and she thought they were gifts that she was getting from me.

Feeling loved and feeling seen is so important in being able to become the women we want to become.

Think about the women who have come through your life. The ones that made a mark on you and molded you into the woman that you are today. 

Maybe your mother died or maybe she isn’t the mother you wanted, but look at all the amazing women who are around you. There might be someone in your life right now who can teach you how to become the woman you want to be. It can be a sister, a friend, a boss, a mentor, or a coach.

Set an intention to spend time with those women so you can deepen those relationships and open yourself to the gifts they have to give you.

Dating can feel hard, but you don’t want to settle. You deserve an extraordinary love. 

Don’t keep struggling and suffering out there in the dating world trying to figure this out by yourself. I didn’t get there on my own and you don’t have to either. 

I’d love to share the gifts of my Aunt Ruth and some of my own wisdom that I’ve gleaned along the way with you. 

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Just this morning one of my clients said to me, “Lisa, before I met you I never had a role model to show me how to be kind and gentle with men. Thank you for being that woman for me.”

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Yours in Nakedness,