"It's only week 1 and I am amazed at the shifts happening already!" - Sequieta W.

"I've worked with Lisa for several years. She helped to guide me through the dating experience and cultivate valuable relationship skills. During my dating journey, I did tremendous self-work to ultimately make the changes I needed to.  And...I am now a married mother!! Lisa can help you with self-reflection on your own journey, to help you live the life you envision." - Sheena M.

"I came to Lisa seeking help with dating and relationships and became thoroughly transformed within myself. With her example and guidance, I've become fully acquainted with my own heart - its yearnings, power, and wellspring of love and passion. For this, I am eternally grateful." - Barry T.

"Lisa has helped me tremendously in both my personal and professional relationships. Her ability to create a safe, nurturing atmosphere allows me to be one hundred percent comfortable baring all parts of myself. Through my work with Lisa, I am rising to the challenge of personal, professional and spiritual transformation. I could not do this without her." - Lynn I.

"Lisa, you are amazing! Therapy was helpful, workshops were helpful - but it all seems to have taken me to this point of working with you. Somewhere in my psyche, I knew that we would end up addressing more than just the issue of dating. Thank you for being bold, direct, challenging and understanding." - Daryl W.

"You've taught me so much about loving, listening, letting go and trusting. As I move forward, loving myself and others, I carry your love within, knowing and believing that dreams really do come true!" - Suzanne J.