Success Story Vanessa Finds Love and Steps Into Her Authentic Life

Success Story Vanessa Finds Love and Steps Into Her Authentic Life

Beautiful Vanessa seemed to have it all. She had a house by the beach, a cool art gallery job, and a million friends, but deep down, she knew something was missing. She wanted to find love, move beyond things just being “fine,” and break the painful cycle of dating avoidant men. Vanessa longed to be seen for the amazing woman she was and to have a genuine partnership with a man who matched her values. This week, Vanessa talks about what she learned from participating in Lisa’s 12-Week Emotionally Naked Dating Course (E.N.D.) and how it helped her learn to live authentically in every way. She shares how her entire life changed through Lisa’s course. Vanessa said that her work in E.N.D. helped her find the courage to leave her job and move back to the East Coast to be near her family. Most of all, through the course, she became the woman she needed to be to stop attracting avoidant men. Vanessa is now in a loving relationship with a kind and devoted man she calls a “sweetheart.”


What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • How Vanessa found Lisa through another friend who had taken the course and why she decided to invest in herself. 
  • How is her new relationship different from all the others?
  • What were some of Vanessa’s favorite parts about the 12 Week program? 
  • Fine isn’t good enough when you want to find love, even as a successful and busy woman! 
  • Vanessa is busy and a Type A, and she poured that energy into Lisa’s coaching. 
  • Vanessa opened up about her dating requirements yet also got more strategic about the type of man she was looking for. 
  • Working with Lisa changed Vanessa’s romantic relationships and profoundly impacted her relationship with her mom, career, and location. 
  • How embodying what she was looking for led her to find love. 
  • Acting like the “too cool” or chill girl that doesn’t care isn’t going to find you what you ultimately desire.

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