Client Success Story: Natalie and Alex Find A Soul Food Kind of Love

Client Success Story: Natalie and Alex Find A Soul Food Kind of Love

Lisa is joined by Natalie and Alex, who share their moving story of finding each other in Salt Lake City in time to start a family. Initially, Natalie was skeptical that she could find a man who shared her values and desires in her area. At the same time, Alex had doubts about meeting an age-appropriate woman interested in starting a family. After another breakup and in the depths of despair, Natalie stumbled across one of Lisa’s Facebook ads. She booked a call to learn more, and by the end of that conversation, Natalie had gained so much insight into what she was doing wrong that she signed up for Lisa’s 12-week Emotionally Naked Dating course. Natalie talks about how her work with Lisa and Benjamin helped her shift what to look for in a partner, and she met other incredible women who supported and encouraged her throughout the process. Right before completing the course, Natalie met Alex. Natalie shared that they had only gone on five dates when she nearly died during an operation for endometriosis. Alex, a true Guardian of Natalie’s Soul, remained by her side during her long recovery. They are now happily engaged and, miraculously, looking forward to the birth of their baby girl!

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • What led Natalie to sign up for the breakthrough call? 
  • Natalie’s dating struggles before meeting Alex. 
  • Alex also was in a spot in life where he was skeptical that he would meet the guardian of his soul. 
  • The importance of giving a man the same curiosity and respect you would expect from him. 
  • How Natalie learned to feel the difference between secure and avoidant men. 
  • Natalie and Alex walked us through their charming first date, where neither of them wanted to say goodbye! 

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