How Successful Client Lisa Learned To Slow Her Roll

How Successful Client Lisa Learned To Slow Her Roll

Lisa shares a success story to kick off 2023, a former client also named Lisa who has a big heart, a successful career, and busy robust life. Lisa walks us through her journey of finding Lisa and Benjamin at a time when she felt lonely and was staring down the barrel of another birthday alone, a decade after her divorce. Lisa is a professional woman with children who didn’t know if love was in the cards. She decided to make the leap and invest in herself; the results were life-changing. She unpacks a few of her favorite “aha” moments from Benjamin and Lisa and what she learned about dating, slowing down, and, most importantly – her relationship with herself.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • What was happening in Lisa’s love life when she decided to work with Lisa and Benjamin? 
  • Lisa talks about what stood out about Lisa and Benjamin’s message from the beginning and what was the deciding factor to invest in herself and commit to the program. 
  • If you are a busy woman with a demanding job, you aren’t alone. Instead of letting these things be obstacles, Lisa overcame them and finally felt understood. 
  • Time moves fast, and if you don’t take action, you may be in the same place without any forward momentum or growth. 
  • Lisa shares about the first month of the course and how she loved going through the process of revamping her profile and having professional pictures taken. 
  • Lisa also loved the part in the first month about taking a look at her relationships. 
  • Lisa talks about not taking things so personally and how she met the lovely gentleman she’s now dating. 
  • Finally, Lisa addresses those women who might be on the fence about investing in working with Lisa and Benjamin and how it was the best thing she ever did for herself.

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