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“Lisa, the work you have done on yourself that lead you to the person you are today and the amount of work you put into this course is simply extraordinary! I am truly grateful we are doing this and I’m getting so much out of this course. Your insights, your ability to look beyond, your playfulness, your depth, your sense of humor, your wisdom and your grace are unbelievable and so helpful! You are so inspiring! Every therapist on Earth should do what you do to help people! You are an amazing woman and an awesome, wonderful coach! We are so lucky to have you!” - Matilde M




“Lisa Shield saved me! Without her, I wouldn't be married & would not be as happy as I am today. Lisa has gotten sooo many friends (both male and female) married. I had so much confidence in her that I referred her to both of my sisters who also adored working with Lisa. Lisa is a coach who will TEACH YOU THE SKILLS TO FIND AND SELECT YOUR LIFE PARTNER. Who knows better than you who will best suit you? Exactly... No one! If you're looking for your life partner and you've gone on terrible dates and want to give up DON'T! INVEST in yourself. You deserve to be happy. You deserve true love.” - Marie M.




Katie is a successful and beautiful young professional with a sparkling personality and a thousand-watt smile. She was so closed off to love that she hadn’t been on a date in 2 ½ years. Before that, she had relationships that were completely wrong for her.

When she started working with Lisa, her whole world changed. She was able to identify her patterns and stop making the same mistakes. She took back her power and control and knows how to ask for what she wants.

After Lisa’s program, Katie is thriving. She’s meeting plenty of quality men, is in love with herself, and in love with her life!

Watch the video to hear Katie’s story.



After her husband of 20 years left her, Jeanine couldn’t imagine beginning to date again at 55. She was heartbroken, overwhelmed, and felt completely ill-equipped. She was afraid of being alone for the rest of her life, but like many women, she felt completely stuck.

After working with Lisa for just a few weeks, she was able to work through that pain in a safe and supported space. She soon was able to break through those blocks and return to a calm and joyful place.

Having completed the program, Jeanine is now happy, grounded, and dating like a boss.

“This is our life. I wish I had approached it this way a long time ago.”



Michelle was that rare combination of successful and sweet. A corporate woman with a heart of gold. But for her entire life, she had attracted emotionally unavailable men. Can you relate?

Before discovering Lisa, she was in long-distance relationships for 15 years. Talk about unavailable! She knew it was unhealthy, but felt helpless when it came to breaking this painful pattern.

When she started working with Lisa, Michelle was able to see how she was stuck in a rut with unavailable men because she was unavailable herself. Through the program she was able to let go of her deep fear of having to navigate a relationship and find the Guardian of her Soul that her heart desperately wanted.

Michelle is now in a beautiful relationship with a mean who treasures her and wants to grow with her.



Kate is a Pediatric Nurse living in Colorado. Warm, intelligent, and full of radiant positive energy, Kate is the kind of person that everyone wants to be around.

After the end of a 24-year marriage, Kate jumped back into the dating world at 54 hoping to find love. Immediately she realized that she was completely lost, and could barely even manage a text conversation with a man.

Rather than spend what could have been years going on uncomfortable dates that went nowhere, she called Lisa. With Lisa’s guidance, Kate was able to break through all of her old patterns, and know knows how to be as brilliant at love as she is in her work.

Now she’s having a blast meeting plenty of fabulous men, and is excited about what the future has in store for her!

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Julene. Powerhouse. Salon Owner. Fashionista. Julene had 2 failed marriages under her belt, and a pattern of attracting narcissistic men. She stayed in these relationships longer than she should have because she was afraid to speak up. She was at her wit’s end.

After years of feeling like she was shooting arrows into the wind, she finally found Lisa. Through their work together, she was able to see the thread of her pattern, see what it was costing her, and learn how to change it.

Her love life has now completely transformed. She’s met a wonderful man and feels amazing. She describes him as “the kind of man I’ve always wanted to attract, but never believed I could, until I took your program. It was exactly what I needed.” They were married recently.



Marcela found Lisa after years of being unhappy in love. She was plagued by anxiety in relationships and felt overwhelmed and powerless.

While working with Lisa, Marcela experienced a powerful transformation that has forever changed the way she relates to men. She is no longer controlled by anxiety, and has found her true “Naked” self.

She is now in a relationship with a wonderful, sweet, high-quality man who cherishes her. She has a new outlook on love, and her life is ripe and juicy!

Watch this short video to hear about Marcela’s amazing journey and why she is grateful she found Lisa.

All thanks belongs to you. You have enriched my life on so many levels and I am so grateful for your coaching and emotional support. I am a better woman because of the information and tools that you taught me. You inspired me to believe in myself and that, “ I am deserving of miraculous & lasting love.” I believe I have found him and can’t wait to talk about it in our exit call.
— Sharon P.
You have ignited me in the department of wanting to do better as an evolving person. You have given me so many “tools “ to work with on my journey of self-discovery and self-love. All in all, I think the course is the best of its kind on the market. Kudos to you for developing the course and presenting it in the way you do. Best of all you believe in me. These gifts from you are priceless and deeply treasured by me.
— Beth M.
What a whirlwind life-changing few months this course has been! It has absolutely changed my life and I’m so grateful. Working through the modules helped me to let my guard down, eliminate ambivalence, and connect vulnerably to a man who is so good for me. I didn’t think I’d ever find someone like him, as I didn’t think a man like him existed. Now I realize I had work to do on myself to believe I could find love and not settle for someone just to have a family.
— Lynn J.
I love the course. I really see how if you follow the program, you would get wonderful results. I have the information now I need to get out there and transform. It’s beginning. You have built this beautiful progressive course and you are the real deal. I’m so fortunate to have come across you. I know that I’ll keep processing as time goes on. Thank you Lisa for everything.
— Dolores D.
Thank you for our conversation and for helping me feel like I am not crazy or alone. You have been a blessing since our first call. I feel finally someone understands me.
— Marcela A.
You’ve taught me so much about loving, listening, letting go and trusting. As I move forward, loving myself and others, I carry your love within, knowing and believing that dreams really do come true!
— Suzanne J.
When I began coaching with Lisa I was bored with my career, frustrated with myself, and at 47, finding a partner seemed all but impossible. Two years later I love myself, adore my new career and am engaged to be married to a wonderful man. With Lisa’s help, my life just gets better and better!
— Beth F.
I absolutely loved working with you! I got more out of this than anything else I’ve done. It really has been life changing and I am pleased with my progress. My friends and family also notice a difference. Thank you so much for everything I’m going to miss you terribly! I am so happy I found you!
— Karyn B.
Lisa is an amazing dating and life coach. Lisa is teaching me to be a stronger, healthier dater and to really raise the bar on the men I date. I love her style and caring. I have learned not only about dating men, but also how to show up more courageous and powerful for myself. I am excited about the process of dating now!
— Linda B.
I’ve worked with Lisa for several years. She helped to guide me through the dating experience and cultivate valuable relationship skills. During my dating journey, I did tremendous self-work to ultimately make the changes I needed to. And...I am now a married mother!! Lisa can help you with self-reflection on your own journey, to help you live the life you envision.
— Sheena M.
Lisa has helped me tremendously in both my personal and professional relationships. Her ability to create a safe, nurturing atmosphere allows me to be one hundred percent comfortable baring all parts of myself. Through my work with Lisa, I am rising to the challenge of personal, professional and spiritual transformation. I could not do this without her.
— Lynn J.
I’ve always been looking for the FEELING of love but I’ve learned that love is not a feeling, love is an action. Through your course, I realized I was addicted to the trauma and drama of being with unavailable men. All the things you taught me were different from any book I’ve ever read, just as you promised! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
— Tricia B.
Lisa Shield and Victoria Allen thank you seems so small a sentiment for all that you have done to transform me from a wounded, broken misguided soul into a Naked Dating force to be reckoned with. I was very resistant in the beginning of this course but, the tools that you have provided me have and will continue to shape my relationships now and for the rest of my life. I dug deep to the bottom of my muddy tattered heart and from the muck, my lotus self has emerged. More loving, compassionate, open and yes ... softer than I knew I could become. I am truly listening to and with my heart. The tools you shared are without a doubt are the most valuable set my relationship tool box will ever hold. I am a better human being for having taken this 12-week course. My heart is bursting with love and gratitude.
— Debbie F.
When I first started Lisa’s course, Naked Dating, I was in dire need of a change in my dating/ relationship life. After failed relationships with narcissistic types of men, I was worn out, anxious and began to wonder what was wrong with me? Where was I going wrong? In our first session, Lisa recommended two books which I dutifully began to read! She was also very compassionate and present during our continued sessions and lacked judgment towards my past thoughts and current behavior patterns that I was trying to break free of. Lisa was very supportive and provided many tools that I could utilize during my progression. And when I started doing the module work things really changed! I felt empowered to stop hiding behind my shell and continued to break through even more to becoming my most authentic and empowered self whilst dating. I no longer saw myself as the problem and I was also able to filter out the type of men that would not meet my needs versus the types of men that would (One component I was incapable of doing before). I am loving my journey and I’m not in a rush anymore. Instead, I am happily enjoying dating men who bring, value, joy, and peace to my life.
— Milian S.
A year ago I started my journey with Lisa. I invested in myself to figure out why I kept choosing the same kind of men - Narcissists! I knew I was the common denominator in all the “wrong” choices of men. I did everything Lisa told me to do. I did the homework and I opened my mind and heart to a knew way of thinking and being. Instead of saying, “There are no good men out there,” I told myself, “There are good men, and I am determined to learn new ways to date and find him!” Lisa’s program makes sense and it works. I never gave up and never stopped believing he was out there. . . And he was. His name is Andy and he is the kindest man I have ever met. This relationship causes me no anxiety. . . no second guessing. . . no secrets. . . totally transparent. Stay open-minded and keep believing.
— Julene F.
I feel like I’ve crossed an invisible threshold of sorts. I’ve reached a level of “ maturity”? Where i have let go of attachments to outcomes. I am doing and saying things that resonate with my core regardless of how others may or may not perceive me. It is the most empowering , liberating feeling I’ve ever experienced. I do believe that your program is helping to put together concisely for me all the bits and pieces of information I’ve gathered along the way. Sort of like I’ve had the puzzle pieces but now I’m connecting the pieces for a much clearer picture. I feel like I’m finally understanding what it means to love and accept myself unconditionally. Although the goal is to find the love of my life, I believe that’s exactly what I’ve accomplished thus far and it’s inevitable that he will show up!! Thank you so much for encouraging me to invest in myself. I can’t believe the progress I’ve made in a short 3-weeks time.
— Minerva M.
Lisa’s program was truly life changing. Up until connecting with her I had received so much conflicting information about men and dating and I just wanted guidance from a trusted resource. Lisa’s energy is warm, grounded, feminine and spiritually attuned. She walks the talk and leads by example through her divine partnership. After working with her, I was able to let go of the confusion and tap into deep clarity and a sense of knowingness that wasn’t there before. I also noticed profound shifts and successes in the relationships of other women in the group. This journey was totally worth the investment.
— Sarah A.
I want to thank you so much for the lessons you’ve taught in your course because I’ve learned how to be fully present in a season that requires it. A few days ago, my man said to me that he sees me as his wife. I can’t begin to describe to you how happy and full I feel. He is truly UNREAL! The kindest, most decent man I know. I wish I could yell from the rough top! But know that you are the REAL deal! And that you will be the first person I will invite to my wedding!! I hope this email brings you joy for you have guided me to my own. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!
— Crystal L
I have been going to see Lisa for a couple of months now. I was tired of going to see therapists that would only let me talk and not give any advice. Lisa is so easy to talk to and so knowledgeable her sessions are filled with positive energy and a sense of peace. My life has changed completely. She has made me find myself again and cope with the difficulty of letting someone go. Lisa has said things to me that none of my friends have said and that has ultimately helped move forward. She is amazing!
— Gabriella S.
I am grateful for this journey and how much I have learned about myself. The guy I’m dating tells me he met another woman and he wants to give them a chance. The biggest lesson is that I learned to handle it in the best way possible. I stayed kind and didn’t blow up on him. That was a huge breakthrough. Onwards and Upwards! None of that would have happened if I had not gone on this journey with Lisa! So thank you so much for teaching us how to stay open and become adored women! I know crossing paths with the love of my life is getting closer!!
— Marcela A.
I started coming to Lisa because I was recently out of a relationship and was very confused about what things are actually important in a relationship. Passion vs security, excitement vs steadiness, etc. She is an incredible counselor and has really helped me understand relationships in a whole new light. More importantly, she has done wonders for my self-confidence. I have recommended Lisa to all my friends — single and in relationships. She’s just a great person to have on your team!
— Ryann O.
Each session with Lisa is mind and heart opening. I am learning so much and feeling better after each call. I am starting to feel lighter inside. I love how Lisa can turn something painful into something that you can work on and have fun while doing it! I am truly grateful we are doing this and I’m getting so much out of this course. The more I study, the more I learn, and things start to click. Everything helps, hearing other women helps. And you have so much wisdom, compassion, and humor. So thank you, this is truly good for me!
— Matilde M.
Lisa, I can’t thank you enough. When I joined this course I knew I was not in an emotionally good place. I have never had any self-confidence and didn’t believe I deserved what I wanted. I knew that I needed to find my self-worth. I worked hard on this course to find who I am and I truly believe this has finally happened. I couldn’t have imagined in my wildest dreams that I would ever be positive about myself. I have never felt so comfortable, confident, happy and content in my life and in what I do.
— Alka B.
Lisa, when I started working with you, I had no clue what to expect, it was scary. Talking with you and implementing your method and tools, works! I’m so delighted I found you. This is really what I wanted, to dig deep and find the reason for my pain, not just a bandaid for my sores. I wanted to find the cure and I officially proclaim that YOU are my cure! What you taught me works in every interpersonal relationship in my life. I’ve experimented so I know!
— Larisa S.
I’m SO going to miss you and the other ladies. I have learned so much from everyone, and hope to hear their success stories in finding The One, thanks to you, in the future. Going through your program has truly changed my life, and I shall be forever grateful. I wish you continued success in making a difference in so many women’s lives. You truly have a gift.
— Pat T.
You have been a big positive influence in my life, and over the last year I’ve made a lot of changes in my dating behavior and my mindset based on your advice. Being apart of your group is a blessing. I recently reconnected with a man that I met about 4 years ago, but at that time it wasn’t right for either of us. Now we’ve been seeing each other multiple times per week over the last month, and we are building a “real” relationship together! I am very optimistic!
— Jenny V.
Life is really good right now! I feel like I’ve got more of a firm footing with dating now thanks to you and you’re course! I am such a different person now than when I started. I know I still have some work to do on myself but I feel more present. So thank you so much Lisa! I’m so glad I found you!
— Joan I.
I have to say, I miss your course and all the amazing advice you give! I would like to thank you for your time and patience you have forever changed my life. I’m a new and improved women who commits to each project and won’t give up when things become challenging.
— Ellie K.
Through your program, I have become more honest and direct. I’m feeling more confident and have more self-love and acceptance. I realized I can trust myself and be a little more picky because I know the things I like now and what I am attracted too. I love you so much! I won’t stop doing this work!
— Sanaz S.
I feel like I’m making healthy choices and I’m much more aware. The work I did with you, although it was only 3 months was very deep, VERY deep. I’m not overthinking things the way I used too. I love you so much Lisa and I just want to thank you for everything!
— Amy P.
Deciding to work with you was by far one of the best decisions I made this year and I look forward to connecting and working with you in the future!
— Tiffany A.
My daughter told me I was like a different person in how I react to things in my life. I SO get what your program does. Just know I had my doubts.
— Orlie B.
I’m just so excited for this next chapter of my life. Thank you for all that you’ve done so far. I can’t wait to get through the rest of the materials and learn all that I can before the course is up!
— Stephani L.
Thank you so much Lisa. I will always be forever grateful to you for helping me transform my fear of dating into joyful and rewarding experiences.
— Tamera F.
I continue to watch all your videos, simply wonderful! With each one, I walk away with a new insight! I have already felt a great shift in my energy and my ambivalence is replaced with a positive belief that he is out there! Thank you so much Lisa!
— Barb R.
Because of your course, I no longer feel afraid to be around men. I now see every date as an opportunity. I am really happy where I’m at. I feel so optimistic. I just know it’s going to happen! Thank you so very much!
The more I do the course the more issues come to the surface and I realize I have so much work to do. Thank God I found you, Lisa, and this group of amazing people who are all on the same journey. I’m feeling more hopeful about dating!
I am grateful that this course is so well organized and put together. It is a great mix of the practical and spiritual and I feel very held and supported by you and this course. I love your energy and all the love you put into your program.
— Sarah N.
Lisa is a lovely, kind, caring coach who has provided me with many invaluable tips on how to meet men more easily. I now feel like I am meeting men and am in a very different mindset than when I first started taking a stab at the dating world again. If you feel stuck in love and dating, I highly recommend Lisa!
— Sarah N.
It is because of the work I did with you that I found my hero, the guardian of my soul, that man I always dreamed of who is polite, who laughs at himself and laughs with me and says, “I don’t let her touch a doorknob.” You helped me see that you can’t go into the dating world trying to fix people. You can only fix yourself.
— Liz B.
This course has helped me learn what I need versus what I’m attracted too. What I’ve been attracted to my entire life has never been what I’ve really needed and it has been very challenging and hurtful and it has lead to a life of unsatisfying relationships. Thank you for the insights!
— Tricia B.
Until you pointed it out, I never realized I had put my love life on pause since age 16. I knew if you could get to that in 30 minutes, you were worth every penny! I’ve talked to counselors and psychologists and we never got to the bottom of it. That one realization showed me that I was in serious need of help. Thank you!
— Crystal L.