Thank you for our conversation and for helping me feel like I am not crazy or alone. You have been a blessing since our first call. I feel finally someone understands me.
— Marcela A.
When I began coaching with Lisa I was bored with my career, frustrated with myself, and at 47, finding a partner seemed all but impossible. Two years later I love myself, adore my new career and am engaged to be married to a wonderful man. With Lisa’s help, my life just gets better and better!
— Beth F.
When I first started Lisa’s course, Naked Dating, I was in dire need of a change in my dating/ relationship life. After failed relationships with narcissistic types of men, I was worn out, anxious and began to wonder what was wrong with me? Where was I going wrong? In our first session, Lisa recommended two books which I dutifully began to read! She was also very compassionate and present during our continued sessions and lacked judgment towards my past thoughts and current behavior patterns that I was trying to break free of. Lisa was very supportive and provided many tools that I could utilize during my progression. And when I started doing the module work things really changed! I felt empowered to stop hiding behind my shell and continued to break through even more to becoming my most authentic and empowered self whilst dating. I no longer saw myself as the problem and I was also able to filter out the type of men that would not meet my needs versus the types of men that would (One component I was incapable of doing before). Although I haven’t met my person yet, I am loving my journey and I’m not in a rush anymore. Instead, I am happily enjoying dating men who bring, value, joy, and peace to my life.
— Miilan S.
You’ve taught me so much about loving, listening, letting go and trusting. As I move forward, loving myself and others, I carry your love within, knowing and believing that dreams really do come true!
— Suzanne J.
It’s only week 1 and I am amazed at the shifts happening already!
— Sequieta W.
Lisa has helped me tremendously in both my personal and professional relationships. Her ability to create a safe, nurturing atmosphere allows me to be one hundred percent comfortable baring all parts of myself. Through my work with Lisa, I am rising to the challenge of personal, professional and spiritual transformation. I could not do this without her.
— Lynn I.
I’ve worked with Lisa for several years. She helped to guide me through the dating experience and cultivate valuable relationship skills. During my dating journey, I did tremendous self-work to ultimately make the changes I needed to. And...I am now a married mother!! Lisa can help you with self-reflection on your own journey, to help you live the life you envision.
— Sheena M.