Marcela’s Story

Marcela found Lisa after years of being unhappy in love. She was plagued by anxiety in relationships and felt overwhelmed and powerless.

While working with Lisa, Marcela experienced a powerful transformation that has forever changed the way she relates to men. She is no longer controlled by anxiety, and has found her true “Naked” self.

She is now in a relationship with a wonderful, sweet, high-quality man who cherishes her. She has a new outlook on love, and her life is ripe and juicy!



Katie is a successful and beautiful young professional with a sparkling personality and a thousand-watt smile. She was so closed off to love that she hadn’t been on a date in 2 ½ years. Before that, she had relationships that were completely wrong for her.

When she started working with Lisa, her whole world changed. She was able to identify her patterns and stop making the same mistakes. She took back her power and control and knows how to ask for what she wants.

After Lisa’s program, Katie is thriving. She’s meeting plenty of quality men, is in love with herself, and in love with her life!

Watch the video to hear Katie’s story.



After her husband of 20 years left her, Jeanine couldn’t imagine beginning to date again at 55. She was heartbroken, overwhelmed, and felt completely ill-equipped. She was afraid of being alone for the rest of her life, but like many women, she felt completely stuck.

After working with Lisa for just a few weeks, she was able to work through that pain in a safe and supported space. She soon was able to break through those blocks and return to a calm and joyful place.

Having completed the program, Jeanine is now happy, grounded, and dating like a boss.

“This is our life. I wish I had approached it this way a long time ago.”

Lisa’s program was truly life changing. Up until connecting with her I had received so much conflicting information about men and dating and I just wanted guidance from a trusted resource. Lisa’s energy is warm, grounded, feminine and spiritually attuned. She walks the talk and leads by example through her divine partnership. After working with her, I was able to let go of the confusion and tap into deep clarity and a sense of knowingness that wasn’t there before. I also noticed profound shifts and successes in the relationships of other women in the group. This journey was totally worth the investment.
— Sarah A.
When I first started Lisa’s course, Naked Dating, I was in dire need of a change in my dating/ relationship life. After failed relationships with narcissistic types of men, I was worn out, anxious and began to wonder what was wrong with me? Where was I going wrong? In our first session, Lisa recommended two books which I dutifully began to read! She was also very compassionate and present during our continued sessions and lacked judgment towards my past thoughts and current behavior patterns that I was trying to break free of. Lisa was very supportive and provided many tools that I could utilize during my progression. And when I started doing the module work things really changed! I felt empowered to stop hiding behind my shell and continued to break through even more to becoming my most authentic and empowered self whilst dating. I no longer saw myself as the problem and I was also able to filter out the type of men that would not meet my needs versus the types of men that would (One component I was incapable of doing before). Although I haven’t met my person yet, I am loving my journey and I’m not in a rush anymore. Instead, I am happily enjoying dating men who bring, value, joy, and peace to my life.
— Milan S.
I’ve always been looking for the FEELING of love but I’ve learned that love is not a feeling, love is an action. Through your course, I realized I was addicted to the trauma and drama of being with unavailable men. All the things you taught me were different from any book I’ve ever read, just as you promised! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
— Tricia B.
I have to say, I miss your course and all the amazing advice you give! I would like to thank you for your time and patience you have forever changed my life. I’m a new and improved women who commits to each project and won’t give up when things become challenging.
— Ellie K.
Through your program, I have become more honest and direct. I’m feeling more confident and have more self-love and acceptance. I realized I can trust myself and be a little more picky because I know the things I like now and what I am attracted too. I love you so much! I won’t stop doing this work!
— Sanaz S.
I feel like I’m making healthy choices and I’m much more aware. The work I did with you, although it was only 3 months was very deep, VERY deep. I’m not overthinking things the way I used too. I love you so much Lisa and I just want to thank you for everything!
— Amy P.