Julene’s Story

Julene. Powerhouse. Salon Owner. Fashionista. Mother of a grown son and a golden retriever. Julene had 2 failed marriages under her belt, and a pattern of attracting narcissistic men. She stayed in these relationships longer than she should have because she was afraid to speak up. She was at her wit’s end.

After years of feeling like she was shooting arrows into the wind, she finally found Lisa. Through their work together, she was able to see the thread of her pattern, see what it was costing her, and learn how to change it.

After just 3 weeks of working with Lisa, everything changed. Her love life has now completely transformed. She’s met a wonderful man feels amazing. She describes him as “the kind of man I’ve always wanted to attract, but never believed I could, until I took your program. It was exactly what I needed.” Recently, Julene married this wonderful man in a beautiful ceremony on the beach.



Michelle was that rare combination of successful and sweet. A corporate woman with a heart of gold. But for her entire life, she had attracted emotionally unavailable men. Can you relate?

Before discovering Lisa, she was in long-distance relationships for 15 years. Talk about unavailable! She knew it was unhealthy, but felt helpless when it came to breaking this painful pattern.

When she started working with Lisa, Michelle was able to see how she was stuck in a rut with unavailable men because she was unavailable herself. Through the program she was able to let go of her deep fear of having to navigate a relationship and find the Guardian of her Soul that her heart desperately wanted.

Michelle is now in a beautiful relationship with a mean who treasures her and wants to grow with her.



Kate is a Pediatric Nurse living in Colorado. Warm, intelligent, and full of radiant positive energy, Kate is the kind of person that everyone wants to be around.

After the end of a 24-year marriage, Kate jumped back into the dating world at 54 hoping to find love. Immediately she realized that she was completely lost, and could barely even manage a text conversation with a man.

Rather than spend what could have been years going on uncomfortable dates that went nowhere, she called Lisa. With Lisa’s guidance, Kate was able to break through all of her old patterns, and know knows how to be as brilliant at love as she is in her work.

Now she’s having a blast meeting plenty of fabulous men, and is excited about what the future has in store for her!

Lisa’s program was truly life changing. Up until connecting with her I had received so much conflicting information about men and dating and I just wanted guidance from a trusted resource. Lisa’s energy is warm, grounded, feminine and spiritually attuned. She walks the talk and leads by example through her divine partnership. After working with her, I was able to let go of the confusion and tap into deep clarity and a sense of knowingness that wasn’t there before. I also noticed profound shifts and successes in the relationships of other women in the group. This journey was totally worth the investment.
— Sarah A.
When I first started Lisa’s course, Naked Dating, I was in dire need of a change in my dating/ relationship life. After failed relationships with narcissistic types of men, I was worn out, anxious and began to wonder what was wrong with me? Where was I going wrong? In our first session, Lisa recommended two books which I dutifully began to read! She was also very compassionate and present during our continued sessions and lacked judgment towards my past thoughts and current behavior patterns that I was trying to break free of. Lisa was very supportive and provided many tools that I could utilize during my progression. And when I started doing the module work things really changed! I felt empowered to stop hiding behind my shell and continued to break through even more to becoming my most authentic and empowered self whilst dating. I no longer saw myself as the problem and I was also able to filter out the type of men that would not meet my needs versus the types of men that would (One component I was incapable of doing before). Although I haven’t met my person yet, I am loving my journey and I’m not in a rush anymore. Instead, I am happily enjoying dating men who bring, value, joy, and peace to my life.
— Milan S.
Deciding to work with you was by far one of the best decisions I made this year and I look forward to connecting and working with you in the future!
— Tiffany A.
My daughter told me I was like a different person in how I react to things in my life. I SO get what your program does. Just AMAZING...you know I had my doubts.
— Orlie B.
I’m just so excited for this next chapter of my life. Thank you for all that you’ve done so far. I can’t wait to get through the rest of the materials and learn all that I can before the course is up!
— Stephani L.
Thank you so much Lisa. I will always be forever grateful to you for helping me transform my fear of dating into joyful and rewarding experiences.
— Tamera F.
I continue to watch all your videos, simply wonderful! With each one, I walk away with a new insight! I have already felt a great shift in my energy and my ambivalence is replaced with a positive belief that he is out there! Thank you so much Lisa!
— Barb R.
Because of your course, I no longer feel afraid to be around men. I now see every date as an opportunity. I am really happy where I’m at. I feel so optimistic. I just know it’s going to happen! Thank you so very much!
The more I do the course the more issues come to the surface and I realize I have so much work to do. Thank God I found you, Lisa, and this group of amazing people who are all on the same journey. I’m feeling more hopeful about dating!
I am grateful that this course is so well organized and put together. It is a great mix of the practical and spiritual and I feel very held and supported by you and this course. I love your energy and all the love you put into your program.
— Sarah N.