Julene. Powerhouse. Salon Owner. Fashionista. Julene had 2 failed marriages under her belt, and a pattern of attracting narcissistic men. She stayed in these relationships longer than she should have because she was afraid to speak up. She was at her wit’s end.

After years of feeling like she was shooting arrows into the wind, she finally found Lisa. Through their work together, she was able to see the thread of her pattern, see what it was costing her, and learn how to change it.

Her love life has now completely transformed. She’s met a wonderful man and feels amazing. She describes him as “the kind of man I’ve always wanted to attract, but never believed I could, until I took your program. It was exactly what I needed.”



Marcela found Lisa after years of being unhappy in love. She was plagued by anxiety in relationships and felt overwhelmed and powerless.

While working with Lisa, Marcela experienced a powerful transformation that has forever changed the way she relates to men. She is no longer controlled by anxiety, and has found her true “Naked” self.

She is now in a relationship with a wonderful, sweet, high-quality man who cherishes her. She has a new outlook on love, and her life is ripe and juicy!

Watch this short video to hear about Marcela’s amazing journey and why she is grateful she found Lisa.