Happy New Year!

I want to wish you a beautiful, joyous, love-filled 2019. I hope this is the beginning of the most magical year of your life.  Imagine if THIS could be the year you find that one special person I call a Guardian of Your Soul.  

Even if you don’t believe me, the truth is there’s an amazing man out there, and he’s searching for YOU right now!  But to find him, you need to start to open your heart and mind to receive his love.

If you’ve been following my videos and listening to what I’m saying, you are already discovering how to get Emotionally Naked and find true love with nothing to hide. This is my amazing process where I show you how to take down your emotional walls so that, when you finally meet your man, you be open and ready to receive his love.  

I know most of you are already good at giving love.  The problem is you’re not always as good at receiving love.  That is about to change!  I am officially declaring 2019 the Year of Receiving Love.  Right now I want you to close your eyes, take three long slow deep breaths.  Then, I want you to say the flowing statement aloud three times: “I am ready to receive the love that is, and has been, all around me and invite a Guardian of My Soul into my heart.” 

One of the most common ways I see women block love is by talking about how much they want a man but don’t really need one.  The other day I was speaking to a woman who said, “Of course, I want to find love but I’m also very independent and I don’t need a man.” 

Have you heard yourself saying something similar? “I don’t need a man to do anything for me.  I’m an independent woman and I can take care of myself.   Sure it would nice to have a man in my life, but I really don’t need a man.”  Even if it’s true that you can meet your own needs, when a man is in love with you he wants to feel like you need him to take care of you.

Many women tell me that they are afraid of being vulnerable with a man for fear of seeming needy.  But just because you admit to having needs, that doesn’t make you needy.  Two people must feel needed by one another to feel safe taking down their walls and creating a secure, intimate, romantic bond.  Men and women may have different gifts to offer each other in a relationship, but these gifts are equally important. 

I get it.  It’s scary.  You don’t want let just any man in.  But I’m guessing you do want to let the right man in.

When I was much younger, I could provide for myself in almost every way.  I told myself I didn’t want to be one of those needy girls who manipulate men into doing things for them, but down deep, I longed to feel treasured and adored by a man.  

My first husband was a pathological liar with constant money problems.  I made excuses for him and stayed with him for 13 years because I didn’t feel I deserved better.  

There were signs from the very beginning that I was settling.  One of the most glaring is when we went to the jewelry mart in downtown Los Angeles and each paid $60 for our gold wedding bands. He didn’t even offer to buy my ring for me. What was my second clue?

Don’t do what I did.  Don’t tell yourself you don’t need a man to take care of you. Because you’re only going to get what you ask for, right? 

It took me 41 years to discover that having a man who wants to take care of me is delightful.  When we allow a man to show up and take care of us, it brings out HIS masculinity and it gives him a chance to show up and be our hero. How sweet is that? 

A lot of women tell me they just want a man to take the initiative and do things for them without having to ask.  I had a client who comes from a very wealthy family here in Los Angeles.  She really didn’t need a man to do anything for her. Her father literally gave her everything she could possibly want. Then, her girlfriend started dating her boyfriend’s best friend.  This guy was doing everything for her friend — getting her gifts, taking her on fancy vacations and out to pricey restaurants.  Seeing her girlfriend being taken care of this way made my client realize that she did need her boyfriend to do things for her.  She could see how it would make her feel treasured and adored.  

I told her, “If you want those things, then you’ve got to put it out there and ask for it.  If you don’t, he’s can’t read your mind.  If you never tell him what you need, he is going to assume everything is okay.”  

That’s how this works, ladies. You have to drop hints about what you want or a man might now know how to please you.  

I told her, “Look, if you see something in a shop that you think is beautiful, just say, ‘Wow, that’s really lovely. I would love a wallet like that,’ or ‘Look at how gorgeous that dress is. How do you think it would look on me?'”

And this is where the fun begins!  You’ll see that, when a man is really in love with you, he will buy you gifts and do nice things for you because he thinks it will make you happy.  And that’s what a man lives to do when he is in love with you.  His greatest joy is making YOU happy.

I can’t even tell my husband, Benjamin, that I saw something I liked because he’ll go out and get it for me. I’m not kidding.  It happened when I got excited about a particular car I saw in front of our house.  I said, “Wow!  I love this car.”  Two weeks later, on my birthday, that Jaguar XK was parked in MY driveway! 

Can you see how fun it is to need a man and let him do sweet things for you?  Sure, I could have bought that car for myself, but it’s not the same as having him buy it for me.  Can you imagine the thrill of having him hand me a little wooden box engraved with my name on it, finding the key inside, and then seeing the car!  But before this could happen I had to admit that I needed a man in my life so I could be willing to receive his love. 

So, are you ready to stop pushing love away and start admitting that you need a man to cherish and adore you and do nice things for you?  Are you ready to start asking for what you want?   Do you understand that, when you do this, it’s a gift because it lets men know what they can do to make you happy… and that is exactly what they want to do?

If so, it’s time to start saying “yes” to whatever men have to offer you… except for sex on the first date… or a second, third or fourth date.  You don’t need to say “yes” to that!

Alright, ladies!  Let’s all raise our glasses and drink a toast to making to the best year of your life and the best year of your love life. Welcome to 2019 The Year of Receiving!

Warmest regards,