One of the worst feelings in dating, and in life for that matter, is “not knowing what happened.

I know you’ve been there…

…you’re in a relationship with a guy you really like, and all of a sudden he ends it without an explanation.


…you’ve just started dating someone and it’s magic. You’re all aflutter. Then, he stops calling and answering your texts.

You spend the next week on your sofa under a slanket crying to a friend, “I just don’t understand!!!”

It would almost be better if he just said, “you’re too fat/thin/boring/needy, etc.” Because at least you could just call him an asshole until the bottle is empty and be done with it.

But instead, you compose an intricate laundry-list of your personal failings. Now you have endless possibilities to ruminate on, and continue to do so for the next six months.

Or longer.

But think about this:

Wouldn’t it be amazing to know that if a man isn’t interested in you, it’s because you simply didn’t make him feel the way he wanted to feel?

And wouldn’t it be even more amazing to know beforehand, EXACTLY HOW TO DO THAT??

Here’s something you need to know about men. They allo suffer from something called Imposter Syndrome. It’s very difficult for women to understand this because it completely goes against our view of what makes a man a man. Most women falsely believe that men are strong and confident and they don’t need women to tell they how great they are. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Imposter Syndrome is a psychological pattern in which a person doubts their accomplishments. They think any success is a result of “luck” and live in fear of being exposed as a fraud.

One could argue that both men and women worry about being exposed as a fake. But it hits men differently, and it hits men harder. Largely because the societal expectations for men are completely different. Just like women are erroneously taught that our self-worth is based on our physical appearance, men are taught that theirs is based on what they achieve.

A recent study at Youngstown State University shined new light on why Imposter Syndrome is so damaging to men. (Gazdag, B., & Badawy, R. L., [2018].  Personality and Individual Differences.)

The study gave a test to male and female students, and then told ALL of them that they got the first 5 questions wrong. They also told them that they were going to report those results to their professors.

When given the test again after negative feedback, the women performed better. 

The men, on the other hand, performed worse.  In addition, they had terrible anxiety about their failure being reported to others.


So here’s the golden key ladies: men have a harder time internalizing their accomplishments than we do. That’s why we need to help them.

We need to ACKNOWLEDGE our man’s strengths and accomplishments. 

A man wants to see a version of himself reflected in your eyes that makes him feel like a REAL MAN. 

You can’t just go at men demanding to get your needs met or try to fast-track things by over-acknowledging his nether regions. 

If you want a man to crave your company, you have to know how to mirror him in a way that makes him feel like who he wants to be.

Once my clients embody this shift, they no longer take it personally if the guy moves on. They know they’re giving a man what he needs. If he isn’t responsive, he’s not The One.

But even better, once they begin to appreciate men and are able to meet them where they are…

…they begin to attract AMAZING MEN. 

And once they begin to relate to men on this deeper level, their whole lives change. 

Twelve of my clients got married last year. 

Some of them had never had a successful relationship. 

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