We all know that dating can be frustrating, exhausting, and depressing…and now we get to add a global pandemic and quarantining to the mix!

If you weren’t ready to give up on love before, you probably are now.

I am here to tell you not to panic during the pandemic.

Every change in life offers us new opportunities, if we choose to look for them.

Over the past few months, almost all of my clients have quickly and easily made the shift to video dating…and many of them LOVE it!

They are telling me that talking on the phone and doing video chats allows them to vet the men they are considering dating without having to leave the comfort of their own home.

Many of the men they would have dressed up and gone out to meet pre-COVID, are now quickly screened and sent on their merry way, saving my clients precious time and trouble.

Like most things we do in life, there is a bit of a learning curve when switching to phone and video chats, but it isn’t as difficult as some of you are making it.

Here are a few essential tips to make sure you get the most out of the experience and know what you need to avoid.

1. DO IT

The first do is DO. DO go on virtual dates. Don’t hate on the medium, it’s what we’ve got right now, and it’s a brilliant opportunity. Don’t worry about how you look on camera or whether you’ll seem awkward. Those are technical fixes that I’ll address in a minute.

Make a commitment to yourself to let go of your prejudices and give it a try.

Seize this opportunity. You might be surprised at how much fun you have. And it will be a great way to do something constructive to fill your time and get some human interaction so you don’t feel so isolated during the quarantine.


Zoom can be a little tricky the first time you use it. If you are having challenges, you can Google things like “How do I get my sound to work on Zoom?” or, “How do I turn my camera on?” Zoom provides short video tutorials on almost every challenge you face.

Zoom also allows meetings to be recorded. You can see in the corner of your screen if that’s happening. If you are in another person’s Zoom room, they will need to turn it off.

There are other colossal mistakes people make when video chatting. Check out this Bored Panda article for a few good laughs. https://www.boredpanda.com/funny-video-meetings-conference-call-fails-quarantine

There are also functional differences between the desktop versions and the app versions of Zoom, and you’ll want to understand those.

Again, a quick tutorial video on whatever you’re using should be easy to find on YouTube.


While webcams and built-in cameras can be unforgiving, you can still look amazing with a few simple adjustments.

Most importantly, you want to have a good camera angle and good light. Try to arrange your camera so that it is eye-level or higher. If you are using a laptop or an iPad, just slip a few thick books underneath to bring the camera to eye level.

The best way to get consistently good lighting is to invest in a ring light. They are easy to find and not too expensive. You can find one on Amazon for about $10.00.

Just clip it to the top of your screen and… boom! Instant beauty lights every time.


Remember, this is the perfect opportunity to take…your…time. This is a chance to slow everything down and really get to know someone.

Let it evolve. Ask about him. Respect the fact that you have a captive audience and resist the urge to tell him your entire life story.

Try not to put expectations on how much or how often you will talk. Remember, this is an anxious time that is bringing up heavy emotions and situations for people. Everyone needs to be able to deal with it in their own way.

You want to be able to communicate clearly and create the space for him to do so. If you sense that he’s not present with you or fading in the conversation, offer space.

Say, “It’s fine if we just make this quick. We can pick it up later.”

If he stops texting you or fluctuates between reaching out and withdrawing, don’t make up stories about why.

Now more than ever, it’s important not to take things personally. Just communicate. This is the perfect opportunity to start stepping into your voice. It’s ALL GOOD, so let what happens happen!


Yes, there is a learning curve involved in virtual dating. And yes, the situation will require you to grow some new muscles in your communication.

Now is the time to create emotionally naked connections. You’ve wanted this opportunity to talk and get to know someone without jumping right into sex.

This is that opportunity.

If you can let go and enjoy it, be curious and learn how to really enjoy getting to know and appreciate men, that’s when a whole new world will open up for you.

You will then be in a place to go back into the world of hugs and handshakes and truly date with an open heart.

And when your heart opens, I guarantee you, all the love that you desire will appear.

Don’t let COVID become another excuse to put off your search for love. So many of my successful female clients are taking advantage of fact that, for the first time, they aren’t buried in work or distracting themselves with social opportunities. They’re facing the fact that they are alone and without a partner…and they’re doing something about it.

I’d love to tell you how I can help you stop doing what’s not working and start doing what will.

Most of the women I work with find true love within 3 to 12 months.It’s a difficult thing to do on your own, and even more so right now. I want to help you breakthrough and make a plan to have love waiting for you at the end of this tunnel.

I have a free 45-minute webinar for you that will change your life. Watch it now, and if you like what you hear, book a complimentary breakthrough call with me here. 

I’d love to tell you how I can help you stop doing what’s not working and start doing what will.

In the meantime, stay healthy and date on!

Yours in Nakedness,