Let me begin by saying that, if you’re miserably single this holiday season, there’s no need to be shy about it…at least, not with me.

Please know that I have all the love and respect in the world for you.

I’m especially glad you’re here reading this blog post… 

because I happen to have made some HOPE-SPIKED HOLIDAY PUNCH, and I bet you could use a glass.

You see, it was during an especially sh*tty holiday season that my whole love life changed.

I had spent so many holidays alone that I finally reached my limit and vowed to figure this out.

Visions of my past failures, my disappointment in myself, and fear about the future were pounding at my door like the ghosts that visited Ebenezer Scrooge.

The ghosts of the past showed me that, even though I had tried so hard to find true love, even though I wanted it SO BADLY…

…what I was doing hadn’t worked.  

I couldn’t spend more hours at the therapist’s office, do more workshops, or even read more books. I had done all of those things to no avail. 

If I wanted to attract the kind of man that I dreamed of, I needed to start going on dates, facing my fears and be open to change. 

There were no love coaches at that time so I looked to the best life coaches, teachers, mentors I could find. But I didn’t just work on me. I took what I was learning from them and I applied it directly to dating.

I’m not going to lie. It was hard. I had to do ‘the work,’ and it took me eight years.

Eight years speed dating, online dating, offline dating, you name it.

Trying and learning, trying and learning. Frustration and a lot of tears.

That eight years of problem-solving and struggle not only brought me to the most perfect magical love, my Benjamin…

…but it also formed the heart, guts, and bones of my amazingly powerful 3-month coaching program.

For 17 years now I have been a love coach and have had the profound gift of helping hundreds of women just like you find deep and lasting love. 

And not just love. Weddings and babies. Hundreds of them.

Not only does my program work, but I can also show you in just three months time what it took me eight years to figure out:

How to take down your emotional walls once and for all so you can stop spinning your wheels out in the dating world and attract the guardian of your soul.

So if you are fed up like I was, watch my free 45-minute webinar.

When you’re ready, book a call with me so that I can show you how I will guide you to the guardian of your soul.

Life is too short to struggle through this stuff on your own.

Think about it. If I’ve been around in Scrooge’s time, he and Belle might still be together.

Just sayin’.

Wishing you a very Happy Holidays, and here’s to all that’s possible in 2020!

Yours in Yuletide Nakedness,