Attract The Perfect Man With The



If there was a Pulitzer Prize for profiles, Benjamin would get it!
Lynnie M.

I had never read a profile as beautifully written as my husband’s. Every word spoke to my heart and made me more excited to meet him.

Benjamin is an exceptional writer who has coauthored four books. In a fabulous twist of fate, he wound up writing my clients’ online dating profiles.

I’m forever grateful to him for what he’s doing for our women. Too many people are in the business of writing online dating profiles. But no one does what Benjamin can do.

His profiles are inspiring, sincere, and from the heart.

When men read them they write heartfelt responses to our clients or they move on because they know they’re not good enough for her.

Many of our clients had been going on and off the dating sites for years. When they joined our course, they were skeptical that they could ever meet anyone online who they wanted to date.

After posting their profile from Benjamin, they were astounded to receive many thoughtful responses from much higher-quality men.

The best part of all is that the partners of the women who have gone through the course say that, when they read our client’s profile, they fell in love with her.

Benjamin writes for our clients are a direct link between each of these women and the Guardian of Her Soul.

“I can’t believe how you see me! I feel I will weed out unhealthy men with this profile! Your words are amazing. So freaking excited!! Thank You Thank You!!!!”

Annette M.


“I just happened to open my laptop right when you sent my profiles.
I’ve heard other women compliment you on them, but I still was amazed …truly! Your words reflect my heart’s desires. Now I just need the courage to put it out there. I am so thankful for your unbelievable skills at making this happen. Deeply appreciative of your gift!“

Joan S.

Interior Designer

“Thank you so much for writing this masterpiece. I would love to be able to see men’s expressions when they read it. I’m blown away by this profile that so captures who I am.”

Lisa C.

Counseling Alcohol & Drug Addiction

“Wow Benjamin! You have captured my spirit and desire into words! I’m tearful with gratitude and joy! Thank you so much.”

Melissa T.

Clinical Social Worker

“Your profile fits me to a tee. It is a beautiful representation of who I am, my thoughts and feelings. I cannot wait to see the responses I get tonight!

Thank you from the bottom of My Heart.”

Donna D.

Dr. of Ventrinary Medicine

“Wow you are fast and holy moly are you GOOD! Thank you so so much Benjamin. I absolutely LOVE my profile! I cannot wait to get my photos so I can upgrade my online dating game!
In tremendous gratitude!”

Jen B.


“These are absolutely spot-on perfect. Wow. I’m not a crier but I teared up reading these because they perfectly reflect how I feel inside that I didn’t have the vocabulary for. Thank you so much.”

Tammy R.

Engineer, Lead Mechanical Discipline Engineer

“I posted my profile and pictures on Saturday night. By Sunday morning, I had 70 messages! I had to hide my profile because it was overwhelming.”

Alicia F.

Administration Director

“Thank you! All I can say is “Wow.” You’ve captured everything. Don’t know how you do it, but you are amazing!”

Dawn M.

HR Director/Compensation Consultant

“You are a genius!! When I was on the dating apps, I received overwhelmingly positive feedback on my profile. It felt soooo good to speak openly and honestly about what I want rather than trying to diminish my desires for fear of scaring a man away. As a result, I met a truly amazing man who felt inspired to speak boldly about what He wants after he read my profile. Thank you for all you do!!”

Kristine T.

Spinal Cord Injury Program Coordinator

“Oh my gosh, BENJAMIN!!! You have me in tears!!!
Wow. This is absolutely incredible. Thank you for whittling through what I sent over and synthesizing it so well. You helped me capture my own heart with your beautiful writing. I feel such an amazing boost of confidence reading my own profile. It describes me well, it’s how I feel about myself, but I’d never thought to state it or outwardly use those words to describe myself. Thanks again, I appreciate your talents so very much. I’m certain this will capture his heart too. “

Linda N.

Real Estate Development Consultant

“These profiles are fantastic. You put the details together beautifully and expressed things “I wanted to say” in a wonderful language – with added personality. How did you know? You are a very talented writer, and it is so helpful to have you shape this profile. Oddly enough, I happen to have a master’s in journalism (creative nonfiction). But when it came to writing my profile in the past, it felt more like a chore. The interview guide made it more fun coming up with the information…and then you created a masterpiece.”

Ann G.

Training Consultant

“Happy Friday Ladies, I would like to share with you the beautifully crafted profile which Benjamin wrote for me. I can’t believe the response on just in the last 12 hours!”

Wendy B.

Real Estate Investor

“OMG Benjamin! This is sooooooooo beautiful!! You caught my ideas perfectly!!! You almost made me cry. I’m really honored to have you and Lisa helping me with this MUCHAS GRACIAS!!! I cannot wait to post my beautiful new profile and start dating again! I’m so excited!!”

Paty P.

Clinical Project Manager

“Your writing is amazing and fiercely naked! Oh my, I have been realizing how afraid I am to let someone so close to my heart and this bio…well, it does that. You have captured me, and I thank you from my heart. Now, I will need to be brave and post it.”

Amanda A.

Senior Mortage Loan Closer

“Hi Benjamin,
I think your profiles are works of art and I didn’t think it could get any better. It’s amazing! You truly have such a gift. I have already updated my profile on the sites. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent!!

With much gratitude!”

Rebecca G.

Love Coach

“This looks wonderful and will fit on Zoosk. Thank you for the full-length profile as well. I cried after reading it, it was so hopeful and sincere. You are my hero in this work! The best part is that it attracted a very sweet Southern gentleman to me who was thrilled that I contacted him AND he was so touched when he read my profile. Wish me well, I’m meeting him today! 🙂 As Lisa says, he could be my Benjamin.”

Shruti G.

Program Manager

“Omg!! I have tears in my eyes!! You are pure magic!!!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!”

Sharon E.


“I finally got to read the profiles and I am blown away. Very impressive, I couldn’t have done a better job. You are truly great at what you do. I cannot thank you enough. You and Lisa are truly blessed and are doing a wonderful job.”

Rita F.

Corporate Reeal Estate Manager

“You’re a wizard! Thank you for the wonderful profile you’ve created for me! It’s as if you have insight to my soul - having “the warmth of the sun on my face” at sunrise is one of my favourite things; and “We will feel safe and protected and help each other be the best that we can be on this planet, I will be your biggest supporter, and I will always have your back”, my goodness I’m at awe with how you’ve knowingly put into words what I feel so deeply! I so very much appreciate your grounded, masculine input to craft these profiles for me. 🙂 ”

Andie T.

Data Scientist

“Thank you so much Benjamin! I love the magic you do with words to capture the senses, the mind and the heart. This profile will attract The Guardian of My Soul. I know that to be true! “

Janice L.

Real Estate Talent & Business Curator

“Wow! With this profile the Love of My Life won’t be able to hide from me! I can’t wait to see who shows up in my inbox. Again, thank you so much for pulling together who I am and who I am looking for in such a beautiful way.”

Irene S.

Fashion Stylist

“Thanks for your work on these—and the speedy turnaround! I’m so grateful to have these—and not have to agonize (as I would) over what the heck I should put in them. Getting my profile written/drafted by someone who knows what they’re doing was one of my top requirements when I went looking for a dating coach/ program and you have delivered beyond all expectations.”

Jane M.


“Wow - I’d date me! and I’m picky
Now I see what all the hullabaloo was about. Thank you so much.
Can’t wait to put it up and take it for a test drive.
Much, much thanks and appreciation”

Julie B.

Software Architect


I’m looking for my future partner, my soul mate, someone to feel safe and secure with and have a loving, intimate relationship. Do I have your attention? You certainly have mine. Let’s get to know each other.

To know me is to discover that I’m loving, thoughtful, engaging, funny, passionate, adventurous, happy, fit, appreciative, optimistic, a life-long learner, easy on the eyes, and, well… classy. I love to laugh, and I don’t take myself too seriously.

I’m always thinking of what I can do to make another person’s life better. I support and show up for those close to me, and I practice gratitude, forgiveness, compassion, and improving the world as much as I can.

I believe life should be enjoyed. Seeing the glass at least half full and occasionally overflowing keeps my positive nature humming along. I am the cheery voice over the phone and the loving hug and kiss on your challenging days…and your amazing ones. I’m comfortable in my jeans, silk pajamas, and high heels, but nothing seems comfier than your man shirt – on me.

I love to cook, and I can’t wait to make you amazing dishes. I’m known for my love-induced sauces that transform any meal, and a smile-inducing happy circle grace before each meal.

I luxuriate in sharing quiet moments together, new experiences and adventures, the warmth of the sun on my face, deep powder turns, the smell of espresso the morning, the sound of rain at night, cool, clean sheets, the ocean, anywhere… gazing at it, having time standstill, and even better when your arms are wrapped around me, scuba diving and going down into the deep dark depths where the largest fish and caverns create a mystical experience, loping through a wide-open pasture on a horse, anything Italian, flirty texts that bring a smile to my face, a perfect martini, the changing of the seasons that brings anticipation for something new on the horizon, sensual, soft lips and kisses, and the belief in the kind of love that lasts forever.

What my life is missing… is you. I look forward to us finding each other and to our exciting new chapter ahead. We will have great fun and enjoy each other’s company, whether we are out on a walk, watching a great movie, sharing a wonderful dinner, or traveling the world. Let’s create beautiful memories together.

I’m charmed by an intelligent man with a beautiful mind and old-fashion manners. You will be my hero if you are kind, emotionally available, passionate, trustworthy, adventurous, financially secure, possess self-awareness, and you live with integrity. Bonus points if you have a great sense of humor.

You are a man who has space for me in his heart and in his arms. I will admire that you go after your goals and find space to balance relationship, play, family, and personal time. You know how to give and receive love, and you value commitment. You are motivated to stay healthy and fit so we can spend many happy, quality years together.

I want to learn more about you… and from you… as we share our hearts and life’s experiences, growing together in kindness and intimacy each day. I’ll take pleasure in how we make each other feel so loved, supported, and adored in every way. Our life together will be joyous, deep, drama-free, sweet, fun, romantic, adventurous, tender, playful, and loving. Will you join me?

Together we will be guardians of each other’s souls. We will feel safe and protected and help each other to be the best that we can be on this planet. I will be your biggest supporter, and I will always have your back. We will deeply care for each other, treat each other as equals, learn from each other, and love each other unconditionally. We will keep things fun and fill our little world with big dreams and lots of laughter. If this is your dream as much as mine, let’s dream this together.