Why It’s So Hard to Meet the Right Guy

Why It’s So Hard to Meet the Right Guy

If you’re someone who says “There are no good guys left!” or “The good ones are taken!” or “No one decent lives in my city.”… then this episode is for YOU. Lisa lets you in on some of the biggest excuses she hears from women about why they haven’t met their guy yet or why they just aren’t connecting with anyone great. She shows you how you can turn it back on yourself to see what real change is needed for those big results to happen!

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • What are some of the top excuses women give for not finding the right man? 
  • How do you know if YOU are emotionally and spiritually ready to call in The Guardian of YOUR Soul? 
  • We get back what we put out. Lisa talks about how to shine your light from the inside out and become a woman that attracts quality men. 
  • Why it may be time to throw that long list of things your dream man will have, or at least alter it.
  • Lisa talks about her experience where she didn’t feel fully connected to the men she was dating, and will give you the blueprint to how she changed it and became a man magnet.

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  • “We have an idea of what we are striving for, but we are not emotionally or energetically ready to have that relationship.” 
  • “What we are putting out is what we are attracting to us.” 
  • “I can TRULY be myself.” 
  • “You can look at the woman you want to be, and design that.”