Why it’s Better For You to Learn Through Joy, Not Pain

Why it’s Better For You to Learn Through Joy, Not Pain

Are you looking for a breakthrough in your love life? Have you made the decision to learn through joy, instead of learning through pain yet?
Once Lisa finally made the decision to stop making dating and personal growth so hard, she opened herself up to more kindness, patience, and self-acceptance. This brought a new level of joy to her being and set the stage for Benjamin, the Guardian of her Soul, to waltz in. From her story, we can learn to drop our inner critic and judgment, to instead embrace the beauty in life. This week, you’ll learn how to start being kind to yourself, and to give yourself permission to learn through joy instead of pain. Lisa talks about how men can sense when you are putting up a front versus feeling aligned with your joy.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • What is your “frenemy” voice, and how is it holding you back? 
  • How to silence your inner critic and turn down that critical, judgemental voice. 
  • It takes time to integrate new behaviors that align yourself with your joy, but ooh boy, is it worth it!
  • When we’re hard on ourselves, we also tend to be hard on others.
  • Men can pick up on if we are radiating joy and happiness, and can also sense when we feel insecure and need constant reassurance. 
  • What does it look like to learn from joy rather than from pain? 
  • How a coach (and especially Lisa’s Emotionally Naked Dating course) can help you learn to find your place of joy. 

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Marianne Williamson



  • “It’s not up to you what you learn, but only whether you learn through joy, or through pain.” – Marianne Williamson 
  • “I think if you’re not really authentically radiating joy, and happiness and positivity and self-acceptance, they’re going to pick up on that.” 
  • “I started learning through joy. I started being more loving and more self-accepting and more patient with myself. I knew that it would take time to integrate these new behaviors, but I also knew that with time and with awareness, I could start to do it differently.” 
  • “It’s very, very difficult for us to see ourselves the same way other people see us because we’re not objective.”