What Makes a Man Want to Commit?

What Makes a Man Want to Commit?

In this episode of ‘Finding the Guardian of Your Soul,’ Lisa and Benjamin Shield explore the profound dynamics of a committed relationship and what drives a man to want to commit. With insightful observations and personal experiences, they discuss the importance of creating space, nurturing personal dreams, and supporting each other’s growth. Their discussion emphasizes the significance of friendship, trust, and the ability to mirror masculinity in fostering a strong, enduring connection. Join them for an enriching dialogue about gratitude, compassion, and the deep commitment that underpins a loving partnership.

Key Takeaways:

1. Establishing Friendship and Building Trust: Benjamin and I prioritized getting to know each other before rushing into anything, taking the time to build trust and a sense of safety within the relationship.

2. Nurturing Dreams and Personal Freedom: Supporting each other’s individual journeys has been foundational to our relationship. This includes providing space, respecting personal ambitions, and not living someone else’s dream.

3. Reflecting Masculinity and Femininity: Understanding the importance of mirroring each other’s masculine and feminine energies has been a cornerstone of our lasting romance, promoting growth, gratitude, and deep appreciation.

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The Art of Giving Space in Relationships: “I gave you space. And the space wasn’t just a physical distance. I don’t crowd you emotionally. I don’t pull on you emotionally, and I give you space.”— Lisa Shield