What Hollywood and Disney Movies Forgot To Tell You About Love

What Hollywood and Disney Movies Forgot To Tell You About Love

We have been fed a dream and a fantasy about how love will just land in our lap, and Hollywood and Disney movies have a lot to blame for it! This week, Lisa talks about how the public’s idea of relationships has been skewed by what TV and film show us as the picture of love when in actuality it’s friendship, trust, and vulnerability that is the recipe to being the Guardian of each other’s Souls. Lisa talks about her own experience realizing this, and how you can learn to consciously date men by getting Emotionally Naked, and trade in the dream of a glass slipper or Prince Charming for a real, deep, loving connection.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • When we look at most relationships, we don’t see the kind of love that TV and the movies have told us we deserve. 
  • How does the fantasy of love leave people disappointed, when in actuality it’s the deep connection and friendship that is really what should be sought after? 
  • Working with Lisa and Benjamin can help you get out of the fantasy world and into the right steps that you need to attract the Guardian of Your Soul. 
  • Disney movies and romantic comedies show couples declaring their undying love together, but not what love looks like 15 or 20 days, or even years, down the road! 
  • Real love offers you a space to be all of yourself. You don’t have to put up walls or pretenses and both of you bring your full selves to the relationship. 

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  • “Most of us never really learn how to go on a date and connect with a man consciously.” 
  • “If you really want to get love right now in this day and age, it requires something more than just luck or karma.” 
  •  “The reality is that you are the common denominator in your love life.” 
  • “You don’t hear about this in the movies, you don’t see this kind of love,   devotion, this kind of openness. In Hollywood and Disney, we have princes with glass slippers and fairy tales, but not this.”