What a Guardian Of Your Soul Can Bring To Your Life, If You Let Them.

What a Guardian Of Your Soul Can Bring To Your Life, If You Let Them.

Lisa starts this week with a message from her travel diary, as she spends time in beautiful Tulum, Mexico! She then shares a story of her Mastermind client… a successful and accomplished woman who seemed to be ambivalent to actually finding true love. Because her past relationships had all been such hard work, she still maintained this mindset instead of opening her mind to what a truly evolved partner could bring to her life. Lisa shares what to look forward to in a Guardian of Your Soul relationship, about finding a mentor, why you need to take 100% accountability for your own healing, and a few resources to enjoy along your journey.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • When looking for a coach or mentor, be sure to choose someone who has something you want, who can model how they got there and they do it in a style that speaks to you. 
  • Lisa talks about a client who needed to realize that being in a relationship was going to add way more to her life than be a burden to her. 
  • What is the problem with the therapeutic model of relationships? 
  • Are you really doing the evolved work to bring in the Guardian of Your Soul, or are you wasting your own time and energy? 
  • Even the Guardian of Your Soul can’t heal all your wounds. It’s up to you to take 100% responsibility for our own triggers and also for your healing. 
  • How does working with Lisa and Benjamin help you walk your own conscious path that leads to a profound transformation? 

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  • “There is nobody better in the universe to guide you to a certain place in life than the people who have what you want.” – Lisa 
  • “In order to really put the pieces of my own life together, I had to start to be a grown up and show up for myself so that I could have what I wanted.” – Lisa 
  • “We all have to take 100% responsibility for our own triggers and wounds. Nobody knows where your triggers are, and nobody can heal your wounds but you.” – Lisa