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Wanting a Soulmate and Being Ready for One Are Very Different Things!

Wanting a Soulmate and Being Ready for One Are Very Different Things!

You feel ready for your partner and have done everything to call in your soulmate – so where are they? This week, Lisa shares a question from one of her coaching clients that resonates with so many. What happens when you are impatient and ready for the one right now but they aren’t showing up? What work do you still need to do and what habits should you focus on letting go of? Lisa gives a personal example of how her husband Benjamin came into her life when she was finally ready. Tune in!

 What You’ll Hear In This Episode: 

  • You don’t get to decide when your partner appears.
  • When you do meet the love of your life, you want to be the type of person that attracts them and keeps them around! Oftentimes, when we haven’t met our person yet, it is because we just aren’t fully that person.
  • One of the reasons that rejection is so hard is that it feels like we are being told we are not good enough. Instead, we can learn to grow from our experience and become even better, which will help us attract the person of our dreams.

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  • “When we are ready, things come to us and we attract them into our life.” – Lisa