Thinking About Dating a Recently Divorced or Widowed Man? Listen to This First

Thinking About Dating a Recently Divorced or Widowed Man? Listen to This First

This week, Lisa talks about what you should look out for if you find yourself dating a recently divorced or widowed man! She explains why men tend to rely on women to help them heal after a recent trauma and what you need to know so you don’t end up their healing crutch or the stepping stone to their next relationship! Lisa also shares her advice for walking away with kindness when a man says he’s on the verge of getting a divorce, even if the chemistry and connection are there. She then answers some group questions about if/when you should contact the man first and how you can create a profile that speaks right to a man’s heart.

 What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • Why are men on the market so quickly after losing a partner?
  • What is toxic masculinity and is it showing up in my relationships and dating?
  • What do I do if I think the guy I’m seeing is using me as a crutch / rebound?
  • But won’t he love me more if I’m there to help him deal with his trauma?
  • Will I just be taking on more baggage if I invest in a man straight off a divorce, going through a divorce, or a newly widowed man?
  • Run, Ladies, if he says he’s on the brink of getting divorced!
  • How can our dating profile and photos help attract men who are truly available and ready for a deep, connected relationship?
  • How do you keep your heart open and not allow heartbreak to sideline you?
  • How did Lisa meet Benjamin and know that he was a “hell yes?!”

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  • “You’ve got to enter a relationship consciously.”
  • “You have to start to learn how not to take things personally.”