The Tale of Two Women

The Tale of Two Women

Lisa had a call with two women – both beautiful, intelligent, accomplished, and looking for love. One decided to move forward with coaching, while one did not. What’s the difference between these two women, and why did one say yes while the other woman decided to keep doing things her way? This week, Lisa breaks down the ways in which they were similar, and also, their huge differences. Which woman are you?

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • The first woman showed signs of an emotional bypass. What exactly is that? 
  • Acknowledging your feelings doesn’t mean you have to spiral into a dark place. It just means that you allow yourself to feel what’s really going on in this particular part of your life. 
  • What about the money part? What if the money for coaching and investing in yourself seems too much or out of reach? 
  • Won’t having a partner take me away from living my best life, and accomplishing my personal hopes and dreams? 
  • Ultimately, what were the core differences between the first and second woman? It wasn’t about being worthy of love, as they both are. 
  • How did Lisa’s life shifted when she opened her heart and learned how to get emotionally naked with a man? 

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  • “We’re lying by not admitting to what we’re missing out on by not having a partner or a man in our lives.” 
  • “You think it’s a financial decision, but it’s really an emotional decision.” 
  • “Money isn’t the important thing, what’s really important is that people have to make a decision that they no longer want to suffer in this part of their lives.” 
  • “If you don’t allow a man into your life and into your heart, you will never be able to fully express who you are as a woman.” 
  • “There’s a whole part of who we are as women that just can never be expressed without a partner.”