The Subtle Ways We Self-Sabotage Our Chances For Love

The Subtle Ways We Self-Sabotage Our Chances For Love

In dating, does it feel like you’re keeping one foot in and one foot out, fearing rejection and the possibility of messing things up? Or, what if things go too well, and that means that the other shoe should drop and everything will fall apart soon, right? Well, fear no more! In this episode, Lisa dives into these challenges and gives the two most common ways women tend to self-sabotage in relationships and what is typically at the core of these patterns. Through Lisa’s program, you’ll gain clarity on recognizing the qualities you should seek in a partner while nurturing self-love and compassion. Additionally, she’ll provide practical tips on presenting your best self on dating apps and crafting an appealing profile. Join the women who have undergone Lisa and Benjamin’s transformative 12-week Emotionally Naked Dating Course and discovered the importance of understanding men and creating space in their lives and hearts for authentic connections.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • What are the two main reasons that we tend to self-sabotage?
  • Rejection is sometimes painful and scary, so how do we move forward and put ourselves out there?
  • What about if you’re scared to get what you want and that you’ll mess it up? 
  • What to do if the men you desire aren’t attracted back to you, and that is a consistent pattern.  
  • The importance of who you surround yourself with and not partaking in validating the nightmare dating stories out there. 
  • Would you be ready for the man of your dreams? 
  • There are quality men out there, and quality women attract quality men. 
  • The mistakes women tend to make on dating apps and when setting up their profiles.
  • The Final Five qualities that are important are different for every woman. What’s right for you is not necessarily important to someone else.  

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  • “At the very core of the very essence of why we are afraid, it’s like we are grabbing for love, and we’re reaching for it with one hand and pushing it away with another.” – Lisa
  • “Surround yourself with people who are successful, supportive, optimistic, positive and will encourage you instead of discouraging you in this part of your life.” – Lisa 
  • “It’s hard sometimes to be sitting face to face with a man that you think, wow, you know, this is a really great guy, this is the kind of guy I think I’m looking for, and to have that person turn around, and not feel that you’re a match.” – Lisa 
  • “We’re angry because men aren’t doing these things for us, but we’re not creating that space for them to do it.” – Lisa 
  • “You have to start to see those patterns, and then it is up to you to consciously break them and make new choices.” – Lisa 
  • “We fail many times before we succeed at something we’re trying to learn or something new that we are learning. So it’s essential not to beat yourself up, but to ask yourself how you can do it differently.” – Lisa