The One Choice You Can Make In Dating That Might Change Your Life Forever!

The One Choice You Can Make In Dating That Might Change Your Life Forever!

It is a powerful exercise to look at the past choices in your life and see how they got you to where you are now. Maybe you took a risk and moved to a new city, which helped you land your dream job, best friend, or awesome home! What about the choices that led you to date that one guy who just wasn’t Guardian-of-Your-Soul material?? This week, Lisa shares the #1 choice she made in dating that changed her life forever and led her to the Guardian of HER Soul. She talks about why that one small decision proved to be SO powerful, and what you can learn from doing the same!

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • Why do you need to let go of instant gratification syndrome? Why is it holding you back? 
  • What was the decision made when she was 39 that turned her life around? 
  • What is it that makes a man really fall in love? 
  • Why is the outcome so powerful when we make the decision to stick with something and really go for it? 

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  • “I look back from where I am today, and I realized that that one choice brought me to where I am now.” 
  •  “I am the woman I am today and living the life that I always wanted to live because of a single choice that I made in my life.” 
  • “I told myself that quitting wasn’t an option and I couldn’t start and stop, but had to get and stay on the path.”