The Dating Life of a Dating Coach!

The Dating Life of a Dating Coach!

The Dating Without Drama podcast is celebrating our 100th episode, and we’re spilling some tea! For this special milestone, we thought it would be fun to have Cassie back on to dish about what it’s like to be dating… as a Dating Coach! She shares her most recent (like, last week- recent) dating adventures, and goes deep into the field to talk to a gorgeous man for his perspective on rejection and why men may not approach us. Thank you to all our amazing listeners for your continued support, and for making what we do so gosh darn rewarding. We truly couldn’t do this without you. Here’s to 100 more!

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • What does a Dating Coach say when guys ask them what line of work they’re in? 
  • How does Cassie’s job differ now then when she was in charge of a classroom as a teacher? 
  • Men are so afraid of being rejected and… so are women!
  • Why it’s so important to stop making up stories about attractive people. They truly are just like everybody else.  
  • One response can either draw a man closer or push him away. 
  • What are the ways we shame a man that we may not even be conscious of? 
  • Cassie talks about her decision of going alcohol free in her dating and social life.
  • How has Cassie’s own confidence and poise grown in every aspect of her life since working with Lisa? 

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  • “I just own it now.” – Cassie
  • “I don’t attach my self worth to whether or not the guy likes me.” – Cassie
  • “If you want a phone call, express it. And I would say get on a phone call as quickly as possible to really avoid allowing a fake relationship to be created through just texting.” – Cassie 
  • “So we’re all just going out frustrated, thinking that the apps are the only way to meet. And then that can be a nightmare in and of itself, without honest, vulnerable communication.” – Cassie
  • “It didn’t just happen overnight that I became this competent and comfortable with who I am, and confident and comfortable with being a non drinker.”  – Cassie 
  • “I know how appreciative men will be when they know we make an effort.” – Cassie