The Dangers of Becoming Lovers Before Friends

The Dangers of Becoming Lovers Before Friends

Can love survive without friendship? In today’s episode, Lisa discusses the dangers of becoming lovers before friends. She shares her journey, highlighting the profound significance of cultivating genuine friendships with men. She examines the consequences of rushing into physical intimacy without a solid foundation and emphasizes the importance of prioritizing emotional connection over immediate physical gratification. Lisa also talks about the importance of slowing down to recognize the absence of an emotional bond and make informed decisions. At the end of the episode, she covers how her 12-week, Emotionally Naked Dating course can help you embark on your journey toward building lasting and intimate relationships.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • Building a lasting relationship requires establishing an authentic and emotional connection with a man.
  • What happens when you rush in and push the love part without first establishing a deep friendship? 
  • Great sex alone will not deepen the emotional connection with a man; it is the emotional bond that leads to better intimacy.
  • Rushing into a physical relationship without a solid foundation of friendship leaves no basis for a lasting connection.
  • How Lisa and Benjamin built a foundation of trust, compassion, and respect, allowing them to be the Guardians of Each Other’s Souls. 
  • It’s crucial to prioritize emotional compatibility over immediate physical intimacy and invest time in discovering true emotional connection.
  • Slowing down allows you to recognize the absence of an emotional connection and make informed decisions.
  • Emphasizing the significance of taking time, building a genuine connection, and understanding intentions and compatibility before engaging in physical intimacy promotes self-discovery, boundary-setting, and the establishment of respect and admiration.
  • Working with Lisa can help you understand what you really want and bring that to a beautiful relationship. 

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  •  “Sex won’t lead to an emotional connection. The emotional connection may lead to better sex, but great sex will not lead to a deeper emotional connection with a man.” – Lisa 
  • When you become lovers before you’re even friends, there’s no foundation for lasting love.” – Lisa 
  • “If you really want to have a truly intimate, loving, lasting relationship, you’re going to have to wade through those very uncomfortable dates.” – Lisa 
  • “It’s about not having sex or jumping into bed, but really finding out if you are emotionally compatible first.” – Lisa