The Best App for Finding Love

The Best App for Finding Love

One of the most frequent questions that comes Lisa’s way is “what app is the best one for finding love?” With so many choices and places to swipe to seek out a mate, it can absolutely feel overwhelming. What if you aren’t on the right one, and how do you know which one IS the right one? Should you just sign up for all of them at once and be swiping away, day after day? This week, Lisa talks about the hottest dating apps and sites, digs into the pros and cons of each, and shares some excellent advice on how you can stay safer while using dating apps!

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • The most popular dating app is Tinder. But can you really find love on it? 
  • How do you determine which dating app is right for you? 
  • Some ways to make the most of your experience, no matter what app you are on. 
  • The importance of not telling yourself a story about one site being “good” and the others being “bad”. 
  • The app experience can be very different depending on what city or part of the country you live in. 
  • Some tips for staying safe and not getting catfished, including a reverse photo search and proper look up of their information. 
  • Success stories from Benjamin working on creating a profile for women that caught the interest of the right guys. 
  • Sites like Silver Singles that are good for those 50+. 
  • The real story behind exclusive dating sites that are harder to get into, such as Raya

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  • “When your energy is open, your heart is open, and you’re not rushing through your life and staring at your phone, when your eyes are open and you really are in the moment, that’s when you’re going to meet these guys.” – Lisa
  • “Don’t make up a story about this site is better than that site.” – Lisa
  • “You can meet people anywhere, and you can meet a guy on any site.” – Lisa