The #1 Quality Your Partner Should Have: Hint – It’s Not What You May Think!

The #1 Quality Your Partner Should Have: Hint – It’s Not What You May Think!

You may know what type of partner you’re looking for, but do you know the #1 most important quality and characteristic they should have? It’s a non-negotiable, and yet so many women don’t seem to put it at the top of their list. This week, Lisa shares what that #1 quality is, why it’s so important, and why your relationship is doomed to fail without it. She shows you how to spot it, and how to know if someone is faking it or if they are the real deal!

 What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • The number one quality you should be looking for in your partner.
  • Why is this quality so overlooked and misunderstood?
  • We see men that have it as being weak, when really it’s a sign that they are thoughtful, strong, and special.
  • It’s a choice to treat people with respect and to be thoughtful BUT it doesn’t mean there are no boundaries.
  • Women can exploit nice men, but not kind men. You miss out on the best man in your life when you take a man’s authentic kindness for weakness.
  • Lisa shares how she knew Benjamin was the kindest man upon their first meeting.
  • Is a kind man boring, aka a snooze fest?
  • Are you cultivating inside of yourself what you are asking for in others?
  • What is the number one quality that a man is looking for in a woman?
  • Why sarcasm may not necessarily be the best thing.
  • My date lied about their age on their online profile – is this a dealbreaker?

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  • “Kind men are kind by choice.” – Lisa
  • “Women can exploit nice men, but not kind men.” – Lisa
  • “When you are in a relationship with someone who is kind, it’s emotionally safe.” – Lisa