Talking Hormones with Special Guest Dr. Prudence Hall of The Hall Center

Talking Hormones with Special Guest Dr. Prudence Hall of The Hall Center

Every cell in our body is affected and run by hormones, so if we want to live a good life, we have to take care of our hormone health. But how? This week, Lisa welcomes Dr. Prudence Hall, Founder of The Hall Center, and pioneer in the hormone field. Dr. Hall talks about the critical need she saw to address the issues women faced while first starting her career as a gynecological surgeon. She talks about what bioidentical hormones are, and why they may provide a great solution to repair our body and restore our radiance. Lisa talks about her experience with hormones and the benefits she has had since taking them, why getting a second opinion is always important when it comes to your health, and just how much our hormone health can impact our dating and love life.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • What exactly are bioidentical hormones? 
  • Dr. Prudence shares examples of clients who got back their life (and libido!) from getting their hormones checked and taking action. 
  • Dr. Prudence sees women whose hormones start changing, as early as their mid-30s.
  • What are some symptoms of perimenopause and menopause? 
  • Dr. Prudence describes how birth control affects our hormones. 
  • Lisa talks about her decision to take bioidentical hormones and how they have helped her out in almost every department. 
  • Getting our hormones in balance is the key to embracing our feminine energy. 
  • Dr. Prudence walks us through what the typical process looks like when a patient comes to see her.
  • Getting your hormones checked and partnering with a hormone specialist is a form of self-care. 

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  • “Menopause is not just a loss of ovarian hormones, but a loss of all hormones.” – Dr. Prudence 
  • “Subtle hormone changes or deficiencies can affect every aspect of our life.” – Dr. Prudence 
  • “I’m 60 years old and I look and feel better at 60 than I did at 45 or 50!” – Lisa 
  • “It’s not just the mind and the emotions. It’s really the wisdom of the bodies. The sway, the movement, the waves that come from feminine wealth.” – Dr. Prudence