Surrender to the Process: Dating is a Journey Not a Battle

Surrender to the Process: Dating is a Journey Not a Battle

Okay, so we’re all convinced that dating doesn’t work, right? Women seem to love commiserating with their girlfriends about all the reasons why that is. “Men suck”… “my picker is broken”… “All the good ones are taken”… But what if there was another approach? One you haven’t tried or maybe don’t even know what it means? In this episode, Lisa talks about what it means to trust and surrender to the dating process, and more importantly, why you need to start immediately! So many connections are lost simply because of our attitude and how we respond to others. Lisa gives her tried and true coaching advice that will absolutely shift your mindset so you can enjoy yourself, grow and find The Guardian of Your Soul.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • We are often disappointed when the people we are dating don’t meet our expectations, but we have to surrender to the process and realize we are not entitled to have them follow our unwritten rules.
  • Lisa sees many parallels with the 12 Step Program and the dating process.
  • What does it mean to surrender to the process?  Knowing that we can’t control every aspect or outcome, incompatibility does not equal failure, and resistance is counterintuitive.
  • Trusting the process can be scary, but there is no other way to gain wisdom and experience without going through it.
  • We can’t let the voice of insecurity or pride write our stories; our attitude and our reactions can change the entire outcome.
  • It’s important to remember the dating process is a journey.  Have you thought about why you are dating?
  • Our best version of ourselves will attract the best people; acting with authenticity and genuinely from the heart is the only approach.
  • Every single person can benefit from the perspective of a third party mentor or coach to help them grow.
  • Investing in dating will pay out in dividends in so many facets of life from adding years to your lifespan, increasing your income level, and more.

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  • “The opposite of surrender is not to let go of control.  It’s to let go of resistance.” 
  • “Surrendering to the process does not mean giving up.” 
  • “What surrender means in a spiritual sense is that you stop fighting the process and you start to flow with it.”
  • “As you surrender to the process, the beauty of this is you’re letting this process teach you.”
  • “The dating process is actually a journey.” 
  • “Every date is a stepping stone to love.”
  • “You’re not finding the right man, you’re becoming the woman that you need to be to attract the man you’ve been dreaming of.” 
  • “There’s nothing in our lives that will give us the return on investment that dating will.”
  • “We don’t have control over when, where, or how this happens.  All we can do is keep opening our hearts and be ready.”