Stop Accepting Breadcrumbs and Find the Whole Baker!

Stop Accepting Breadcrumbs and Find the Whole Baker!

After losing her beloved husband and not dating for 20 years, Renee felt as though she was stuck. As a widower and busy business owner, Renee wondered if she[1][2][3] would ever find love again, and much to her surprise, with a lot of self-discovery and learning how to receive pleasure, Prince Charming and his nice biceps showed up in her life. This week, Renee talks about how coaching not only awakened her own heart but gave her the spring in her step that she needed to put herself out there again. She talks about letting the man lead, how to still be strong and feminine, and what to say to the “Almost Maybe” men that show up in your life. She also gives her advice for going from a dating dry spell to a life full of love, lust, and luscious relationships.

What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

  • Renee shares her story of losing her husband, and the doubt that filled her mind when thinking of getting out there on the dating scene again. She talks about why she decided to join Lisa’s Coaching Program.
  • When you show up unapologetically as yourself, you give yourself a greater shot at establishing authentic connections.
  • Are you bringing to the table what you are asking for in a partner?
  • We often need to work on ourselves before the universe gives us what we want.
  • Moving forward after loss doesn’t mean you are denying the grief you have or the love you still feel in your heart for your loved one.
  • Renee talks about meeting her boyfriend online, and how she knew he was a quality man.
  • Wish the “Almost Maybe’s” well on their journey, but send them on their way!
  • Boundaries are important. Don’t keep giving when there is no reciprocity.
  • Even if you are a boss babe at work, you can still let the man lead.

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  • “I want the baker, I don’t want the breadcrumbs.” – Renee
  • “When you are asking the universe for what you want, don’t think small, think big.” – Renee
  • “Keep your options open and purposeful.”  – Renee
  • “There’s only one man in the relationship and I want it to be him and not me.” – Renee