Special Guests Lisa & Steve!

Special Guests Lisa & Steve!

In this episode of “Finding the Guardian of Your Soul®,” our host Lisa Shield welcomes special guest Lisa Y. to share her inspiring journey of finding love and investing in herself. She shares her experience of being a divorced mom and the turning point that led her to prioritize her own happiness. Through the transformative course, she learned valuable lessons about relationships and personal growth. Join us as she discusses her newfound perspective on finding a partner, the importance of investing in herself, and the exciting connection she has with someone special named Steve. Get ready to be inspired and empowered as we dive into the world of self-discovery and love in this episode of “Finding the Guardian of Your Soul®.”

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What You’ll Hear In This Episode:

– About Lisa Y, a divorced mom and lawyer who is used to taking care of her kids and had rarely invested in herself before Lisa Shield’s program.

– About her desire for change and not wanting to have regrets in the future

– How she prioritized coaching calls in a commitment to invest time, finances, hopes and dreams into the program

– How she met Steve, what she found in him, and what he found in her 

– Her moments of feeling discouraged but encouraged by Steve to keep going

– Her acknowledging the challenges of the journey and the importance of support

– Her learning to value personal relationships and experiences over work accomplishments

– Her exploring the lessons learned from recommended readings and the Four Agreements

– Her recognizing patterns in dating and relationships 

Key quotes:

  • “I recognized myself. I recognized other people. I recognized how I date, but I also recognized my other relationships… That book was really life changing.” — Lisa Y.
  • “For these set of weeks, I am committed to that, and work will always be there… But I needed to invest in myself, and you really did impress that upon me.” — Lisa Y.
  • “The idea of slowing down and enjoying who you’re with in that moment, that rings true in all aspects of my life, because I don’t want everything to be said and done. And the only thing I had to show for it was work. That’s not good. That’s not where I want to be.” — Lisa Y.
  • “This is hard to keep up. And I can see why people throw in the towel. But you encouraged me keep going, keep going and keep doing the work. And it made all the difference because I want this guy to travel with and to cut the birthday cake with.” — Lisa Y.
  • ​​”No relationship lasted longer than three months. It seems like that was a magic point where the real truth comes out and breaks loose. I was trying to slow things down and really make sure I was picking the right person to begin with and giving that more thought than just falling into things, trying to be more deliberate.” — Steve
  • “Drama in relationships, where someone instigates conflicts for the thrill of breaking up and making up, is sheer madness. Personally, I’ve been in such situations before, and I can’t tolerate it. Genuine disagreement is one thing, but intentionally causing drama for emotional rollercoasters is something I refuse to engage in.” — Steve
  • “Two people can be passionately in love and not fight.” — Lisa Shield

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